Cap and Trade and the movie world. How government will control it.

Cap and Trade that Congress and the President are passing could end up putting the US Film and TV industry into government’s central. It cap and trade is passed the movie industry would not be able to survive with the extra costs to everything from the electric bill to being taxed on the property they sit on to a higher rate.

Then you have the hard core leftest who worship big government and collectivism. God complex they also have for Obama. This can only lead to one thing. Government intervention into the Film world and the killing of most indie film voices. Movies will cost to much to make a prophet. Not when a movie costs 100 to 200 million a pop for a summer blockbuster. With the desire not to cut those operating costs.

This is how it could happen:

1. Like the car companies and the banks. The executives and the studios will demand a bailout.

2 They will also demand larger spending for the National Endowment for the Arts. Then that will go into Hollywood coffers.

3. This Government who would be more then interested on contraling speech will be more then willing to do this.

4. Money starts to follow into the pockets in the film world. They get addicted to this new cash follow. It will be like a drug. Soon Hollywood will not or can not live with out it.

5. Big-Government then starts attaching rules to the money. What can and can not be put into a TV show or movie.

6. First it will be simple things. Like having more people of color in leading roles. More women in the same.

7. Then they will start clamping down. The follow separation of Church and State. They will demand all reference to religion be removed from any film or tv show getting government money.

8. Then all negative references to the current government leadership and policy will be removed from government funded productions.

9. Sometime in this period all hate speech standards will be forced upon the industry.

10. Evocatively removing all free speech from TV and Film in Hollywood.

Independent film will not be left alone after this is all over. If there is any. As cap and trade will make it to expensive for most people to make film on their own. Then ofcurse you will have people with in the government who will say why should these people get away with not following the rules. I would imagine people in Hollywood will say the same. Its not fair we have to follow these rules and they don’t.

MPAA will get involved just to protect their interest in big Hollywood. Probably suing online media providers of even legal video content. Say someone like Hulu or Atom films. In then end all free speech in dead in fictional media.

One hope is Sci-fi. Sci-fi tends to get away with a lot of things. Lot of topical stories. Star Trek was created back when the so called Fairness doctrine was in effect. The studios did not want to do anything that would get them into trouble on this ground among others issues. Luckily most of the bean counters in the studio at the time had no clue when it came related to topics on Star Trek. The writers and the general public knew and saw it for what it was. The rest is history.

Lets hope this does not come to pass. It is a scary idea. We should fight tooth and nail to protect all of our freedoms. Stay strong.

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