The Family.

by Mike Grauer

I just heard an amazing interview with the Researcher Jeff Sharlet on Coast to Coast AM. <— Interview.

The just of the interview that you can hear above is. World domination it not just on the left side of politics. Both sides have been corrupted. World domination.

His book ,: The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power Deals with a secret group on the classic neo-conservative setting. They use the political platform mostly on the Republican side and some on the Demarcat side.

They draw in traditional Christians into their fold and then brain wash them in to their own perverted world domination theology. People like Pat Robertson been connected. Lot of the senators from the south have been connected. Like Governor Mark Sanford. Even George Bush Sr. has made favorable references to this group. Some very powerful people politicly specking.

This group according to Jeff Sharlet. Have also be involved with toppling governments. His biggest example is Somalia. Doing illegal private diplomacy. Pushing for despots to be leaders of these nations.

If you get a chance look up the House on C street in Washington DC. Lot of the connected congressmen live there with leases extremely low compared to the market. They can also bring there secret girl friends or hookers.

According to Jeff Sharlet. The theology of the group is a bastardized version of what most people would recognize as christen theology. They idolize the like of Hitler and other big names in Fascism and Communism.

They also believe that only who they view as the elite have the right to the true gospel. Any one else does not deserve to know. The group also has the attitude if you rise above your station in live. Will that immoral. Only the elite are smart and able to understand. God of the Bible is not what they believe in. God by their view values power above all. Like their idol of Hitler.

This is classic that we see with Boulderberg or the CFR and the alike. Jeff even mentions in the interview. John D. Rockefeller will connected globalist gave money the the “Family”. Both public faces of the left and the right are involved. Intern most of our elected Republican and Democrat officials are part of the lie.

It is not about Left  or Right. Red or Blue. It is about right and wrong. Globlest should be outed. We are a Republic. We do not do things in secret and to gain power over others. It is time to clean house. all parties and political philosophies should clean house now before it is to late. Quote by Richard C Hoagland,“The lie is deferent at every level.” I will leave that with you.

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