Red or Blue?

Blue Red

by Jessica Pacholski

Thank whatever gods there may be that the election is over. The talk of red state/ blue state and the duopoly polemics makes my head ache. I don’t think of myself as red or blue, if anything I’m purple! Pro choice in everything and anti state in general. Although I’m happy that the neo-conservatives were expelled with prejudice, since I harbor a special hatred toward chicken hawks of every stripe, I’m still not happy with the new President elect. I have many concerns for the future and maybe if more people understand they will join me.

I had high hopes for Obama in the beginning of the race, as a Constitutional lawyer I thought he would bring up the absolute destruction of our civil liberties in this country. I wanted to hear him talk about new legislation overturning the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act and the Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism Act and several Executive orders that make my heart stop when I think of them. However, none of these have been addressed. He posed as an anti-war candidate, that did give me “hope”. Now he says we are in the “wrong” war and wants to escalate the conflict in Afghanistan with a surge of 10,000 new troops. He has many of the same Washington insider advisers helping him shape his foreign policy that were instrumental in the Iraq debacle. Typical politician I’d say, but people sound like they are talking about the second coming when they talk about him.

So what does all this have to do with Red or Blue? Now that Democrats have swept so many seats in the hallowed halls in Washington and regional governments as well, I think it’s time to really look at the implications. The reason why they swept up so many wins was the Red vs Blue mentality. Even though Congress has had a Democratic majority for several years they have not achieved the one most important item of their platform, they have FAILED to end the war in Iraq. As a matter of fact they have bowed to Bush on every issue of importance, from FISA to war funding and they have not only failed to deny him, they have given MORE than what was asked.The Democrats have helped Bush kill the Constitution and the GOP or at least put it on it’s last legs, so now we face a Democratic majority with a Democratic President. What are the odds that, no matter how bad an idea it will be to pass some future bill, that they won’t pass everything and more for him? The sad truth is there won’t be any real change, we will still march toward greater state power and fewer individual rights. Red and Blue are divisive tactics used to split us and keep us warring with each other. Now that the Reds have failed our country it’s time for the bromide of coloring the White House Blue. I hear a lot of change and hope talk that his presidency will cure all our ills. I’m not sure. A man who votes for FISA and the corporate welfare bill, aka The Bailout, sounds like a man who is a classic politician. (Oh and if your wondering who the man I was speaking about in that last line was, it was John McCain, teaches you to make assumptions.)

I voted third party myself. I couldn’t stomach my “choices” and partisanship makes me queasy. No one in the system keeps any of their promises, and why should they? No one in this country wants to see things clearly and make them answer for their crimes against us. It was Nancy Pelosi who took Impeachment off the table with Bush, as far as I can see, the Democrats are nothing more than co-conspirators with the Republicans in the heist of America. Hell, it was given to them by people who buy into the duopoly. To me politics seems less real than professional wrestling and it’s not nearly as entertaining. If we want freedom we need to start holding these people accountable to us, we need to stop playing their game. In short, we have to stop defining ourselves by their criteria, forget red or blue start thinking HUMAN. Is any one of us just one thing or the other? Do any of us just buy every bad idea the parties sell us? Don’t many of us think for ourselves? Instead of partisanship, why not citizenship? We live here, it’s our job to keep the politicians in check and not worship at the feet of false prophets! These men and women are just as fallible as you are. We need to educate ourselves about our rights and how to protect them. We need to know when it is legal for them to enact an bill and when they’ve crossed the line. We need to decide what a wasted vote is, not have the media tell us who we have to vote for. And we need to make sure that we criticize the right wrongs before we are taken to be fleeced like the sheep they think we are. Red or blue, we all have rights and if we don’t stop dividing ourselves by meaningless labels we will all end up nothing more than sorry.

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0 Responses to Red or Blue?

  1. I_Diogenes November 27, 2008 at 6:22 am #

    Very eloquent & cogent thesis, but what, other than this, do you plan to do about it?

  2. Jessica Pacholski November 27, 2008 at 7:58 pm #

    I plan to live my life, try to spread the ideas of personal and economic liberty. I do what I can where I can if you have any ideas about what to do about it I’d love for you to suggest them.


  3. I_Diogenes December 2, 2008 at 4:20 am #

    I also tried to post a comment to this same article on another web site, but seem to have problems with it. I had more to say about the responses to the article than the article itself.
    Well ma’am my recommendation is rather simplistic. I once saw a Richard Pryor movie where he started a campaign to have people vote “none of the above”. Why not a political party called None of the Above. It wovld be all inclusive, Liberal to Conservative. The only two platforms would be adherence to the constitution & abolition of the two party system.
    I’d be more than happy to nominate myself to run, & hire you as my speech writer (an underhanded way of making sure you don’t run against me)!

  4. Jessica Pacholski December 2, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    How much do you pay?

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