Another Dangerous Trend

By David P Shirk

Move over 50 cent and Eminem, for a new music/ audio sensation is out that has just replaced you in the ‘let’s scare the parents’ category! What can be worse than songs advocating anything from drug use to violence you say? Check it out man – it’s called ‘digital drugs’! It like getting high without the drug – as good as a narcotic! All you do is download the audio file, and you will experience a drug like high without fear of legal persecution! I know – but wait for it.
In Mustang Oklahoma, a trend among teenagers is emerging called ‘i-dosing’. It started out with kids listening to these audio files, and experiencing ‘drug-like’ symptoms. Several youtube videos and a complaint or two to the school counselor later had the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics high….I mean hot on the case. That’s good news…gag. Long story short, this little ‘i-dosing’ thing has upset this small town from the students all the way up to the government. Knowing nonsense when I see it, it was with a great amount of patience that I actually looked into further – starting of course with the ‘i-dosing’ itself.
According to – “What little analysis that has been done on the dangers of iDosing claim that while the practice itself is mostly harmless, there’s a chance of it leading to more harmful addictions.” In other words – idosing has been put in the same category as a gateway drug (which anyone who smokes pot will tell you is a mythical concept anyway – it all depends on the individual). And then goes to name i-dose as the culprit. After listening to the music from i-dose myself, I found this half-whoa report to be nonsense. First of all, the tracks all use different affects already being used by many artists or companies to elicit a physiological response – like the calming music you buy at walmart, white-noise spinoffs, and good ol fashioned techno. Not convinced that anyone in their right mind could be affected in any manner that would resemble drugs, I decided to continue looking.
Seven sites with different assorted artists later, I finally came upon an album called Worlds First Digital Drug: . Now the cd costs $30, and on the bottom of page, lists the frequencies utilized in its content. The effects claim to range anywhere from endorphin release to visual effects. Now, I am a cheap guy who does not feel that $30 is worth it (heck, that’s almost a tank of gas) – but this is the only one listed that I would actually have to pay to test. So I googled online reviews for it, and the results were hardly surprising. Rare reports that such audio has had adverse affects on their children, adults reporting no affect whatsoever even with the tunes cranked up, and of course – the youtube videos of kids acting like idiots.
So thank you very much for wasting two hours of my time in needless listening Mustang Oklahoma – Obama’s inauguration swear in jumble at least gave me something to really worry about.
So I stopped listening to cruddy audio, and decided to start reading articles. I found that this is not a new thing by a long shot, and that the first worried articles started coming out years ago. Since then the general conception went from one of drug music hysteria, to that it will lead to drug use by those children who otherwise would not have tried drugs. That’s right – back to the drug war guilty by association mantra. Yet the real timing of this nonsense when Lieberman and others are trying to censor the internet already, sheds a whole new consequence to this older brand of hysteria.
According to Mark Woodward (Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesperson) – this kind of music indicates that children are more willing to experiment with drugs. He then cautions parents to be more aware of what their kids do on the computer. I know – what a stand up guy. So now we have internet based sources causing kids to decide to try drugs (based on music no less – as if Nelly or 50 have not already beat them to the punch). Funny how attacks made on personal choice and freedom always look for different angles when they fail the first few times.
So not only are drug agencies now examining this, but so are the schools the children attend – at least in Mustang OK. Now it becomes an issue with the Department of Education, The ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Strategy), and parents alike, but with the one common denominator – that government has no say in (yet) – the internet.
Given the recent outbreak on attacks against internet freedoms (and don’t tell me they do not exist – watch CSPAN and CSPAN II sometime) – this greatly concerns me. Kids react to a stimulus that they have no experience with and misinterpret (and highly misrepresent). Parents see this nonsense and do what they seem to do best – rather then watch their children and regulate what they are exposed to; they try to get the offensive thing banned. Public schools hear rumors from teenagers about this horrible, horrible offense (that in reality hurts no one) – and they get involved. Any drug enforcement agency hears these reports and start salivating. And yes, believe it or not, it does get addressed to congress. Congress will do what they think is best, and next thing you know – another law exists over something that was never an issue to begin with. Thanks a lot Nimrods.
I really wish I could say that this was a joke – I really do. I also wish I could say that it is one of these ridiculous calls for government actions that hardly ever happens, but that to would be wrong. Once again – people who cannot control themselves or their children calling for government to do it for them. I do not even want to address the costs involved with actions taken on this already. The down and dirty is that government needs the money, but cannot lend out anymore debt, or raise taxes. The solution is as always – make more laws with more fines to make up the difference.
In case you have not figured it out yet, the dangerous trend I was referring to was not the internet audio stir, but the subsequent actions government will most likely take.
I am done talking about this nonsense in particular. It is nothing more than a symptom and not the problem itself. Freedom is a double edged sword that many have proven themselves incapable of wielding, and then using their adolescent ideals to elect those into office who best represent their ignorance. The elected in turn feed them what they can by taking from those who give without having a say in the matter, and continue to create a nasty dependency. I find it sad that people not only are blind to this for the most part, but get upset when you tell them to take responsibility for their own actions instead of making the rest of us give more and more. Then they feed you a line of highly twisted logic followed by a long list of fallacies, and then demand the conversation be dropped when you set them straight.
I really hate taking the time to check out and talk about these issues on an individual basis. But being legally blindsided by laws that I never even knew existed has taught me that when they go unaddressed, they get passed into law. Government establishes itself by making laws that no one reads except for lawyers. Then when it actually comes into effect, people never knew what hit em. Then the political game of ‘the other guy did it – blame them’ starts. Then while everyone else is blaming ‘the other guy’, the new guy adds his nonsense. Somewhere along the way, people lost their will to fight this nonsense, and grew into passive acceptance – I constantly hear ‘you can’t change it’. That too is a lie, and it is only because of that belief that otherwise good people throw away their voices and votes alike.
So if you really cared, and you really want change, you have to speak up. If a law is passed in OK because of this issue, it will not be because the majority really saw it as necessary, but because they remained silent while a few busy bodies stabbed them in the back. If you do not live in OK, then believe me, your state probably is trying to pass something equally ridiculous, and you will not even know about it until you have a fine to pay. Also be aware of the famous smoke screen type legislations that bury the more destructive facts into a thousand page document.
Final unrelated thought for the day: If government can pass a law using nothing but words that can be enforced with guns, why is that people cannot pass laws to the government, much less enforce it to their representatives with the same force shown them? Do you honestly feel like you are still in charge of anything? If people do not grow up and realize the magnitude involved in enforcing their petty ideals, then they will not know what hit them until it is all over.

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  1. Gregory October 14, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    It's no surprise that a witch hunt that sees music as a 'drug' would have its epicenter in Oklahoma, where, like Texas, public employees have often engaged, quite literally, in actual witch hunts.

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