The Election of Hot Air

By David P Shirk

Well elections are finally over. Some people are breathing sighs of relief thinking that because the republicans control the house again that everything will get better. I find this sigh of relief to be the last bit air breathed out of your lungs before being flung into the Hudson with concrete shoes.
The trick is that the situation is a lot worse than the majority gave it credit for. Amongst the laundry list of things that need to go, only two major things were listed that the GOP as a whole might possibly repeal – the new healthcare reform and ACES (of course they will not be removed only modified as usual). Outside of those wrist slaps – nothing will change.
To start with, the debt from all the stimulus packages is still there and cannot be met. Jobs have not picked up one bit, and the only answer the hill gives is from the FED in the form of ‘quantitative easing’ (QE2). This simply means that it will unleash large amounts of cash to be dispersed into the economy – though the how is not even covered. This can be done three ways. It can give everyone free money – not going to happen. It can buy government bonds so that the government can have a temporary life jacket until it dies of exposure. Or it can inject the money into the banking system to be lent out to venture capital or other loans. Either way it just means more of a devalued dollar and more debt. Being that the new congress has shown no interest in abolishing the FED, nothing will change economically.
Foreign policy is equally as damaging if not more so. In an effort to continue spreading noble values as they see it upon the rest of the world, we will continue our middle-east meddling for yet even more time. After all – our cause is just and therefore must be funded with money and manpower. I only wish this was a bad joke. Remember that all these people have never been understanding of how we got there, and have no viable exit strategy or idea on how to deal with the aftermath. On the contrary they look at retracting our army etc as being either cowardly or foolish.
As stated, all sorts of climate change acts etc will probably not be repealed. They will merely be modified to make them palatable to republicans. The reason why is that most of them have no real idea what the original legislation said to begin with, so they will simply focus on the parts they spoke against during their campaigns, modify what they can, and the rest will remain unchanged.
On healthcare the same holds true. I do not believe for a second that they will de-regulate healthcare to allow it to function for the private sectors. Many of the candidates loved to pull the infamous ‘this other guy did this’, and proceed to give a nonsense solution that holds no water in the realm of reality.
Now I could keep going on about why nothing will change (maybe slow down but certainly not change) – but there is something very important that needs to be said about why so many people believe that it will. As long as we have existed as a nation, we have been engaged in a political two-step. It is believed that as long as the government has low spending, low taxes, and is secure then all is well. It all sounds very nice yet it has never happened.
For a minute I am going to pretend that I took a sip of the kool-aid. A standing army means we are secure from foreign invasion. A central bank means that we will never have any bank runs or prolonged economic woes. A social security entity means that we will all have enough money to retire happily if properly run. A firm standing in the UN means that we will ensure that tyranny stays on foreign shores and not our own. Guns are tools for killing, and killing is wrong, so we need to make sure that people only have small arms so that people will not get killed in mass. The FCC exists to ban bad language because the parents sure won’t. The police are needed to protect and serve us at home. Finally, without a tax, people would never give their fair share to support common needs.
Books have been written on each of these fallacies that could fill a library. What I find most alarming is that people defend such fallacies with more fallacies. If it was in a book or report that they read, then they often refer to the author and take their word as truth. Indeed, there are PhD’s out there who say man made global warming is real, the FED is good, and all the above listed nonsense is actually true. I find this a tribute to exactly how flawed and full of it the education’s system is. I have seen people with PhD’s in history who say a lot in their writings, yet only do so with a very one sided view that excludes the rest of the facts.
Yet therein lays our answer. If both people who hold an equal ‘education’ stand on opposite sides of the fence, then how true is what they preach? Furthermore are they really any smarter you or I? I doubt it. Once you reach a certain level of education in today’s world, it goes beyond the realm of facts and into that of theory. For the most part, the better sourced and proven your facts are, the more likely it is that your theory will hold water.
So we have a nation built more on belief than actuality. People vote upon said belief. When challenged they would rather get mad then examine the provided evidence. Ironically, they do not mind a tyrant in office – as long as said tyrant is giving them the advantage and telling them what they want to hear – such people are the majority of all political parties we see today. After all, as long as they feel no increase in ill effect, then their leader must be right. Even more ironic is that if people had stuck with the basics instead of claiming to do so while voting on issues far deeper in scope then they understand, then we would not be having any of these issues now. Yet in an effort to stop the nonsense they merely injected even more of it into the mix.
It is a timeless game that is played back and forth. If the people do not learn the rules soon, then any possible change that may run the slim chance of actually doing any good will be lost to the four winds, and there will be no chairs left when the music stops.
And my apologies to Nick Gillespie from Reason. I had started writing this peice an hour before he pushed his out on

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