This is not the future I signed up for

Welcome, let’s start out with a note from an anonymous friend of mine. First published in an underground magazine.


This is not the future I signed up for.
The future was riding on light, dancing until the sun came up, smartdrugs,
technology and progress. We plugged our brains into a collective network and
became one with everything. Going to work meant walking from the bedroom to the
desk. Friends were never more than a button press away. Bandwidth was cheap and
plentiful. Road warriors carried silicon and wore leather. They were dangerous
enough to be useful, and smart enough to be trusted.

We had clients, not employers.

We made contracts and resolved our own conflicts. Politics took a back seat to technology when we spoke.

Deadlines were something to be smashed. We were in constant competition with ourselves to make ourselves better. We worked as hard as we played, and our results proved this. Our friends never went hungry or dry. We celebrated ourselves and coming into our own.

We saw the future with possibility not with fear. We invested in our future – the future as
we saw it: knowledge, hard work that pays off, hard play that makes it all worthwhile.

A life, not an existence.

Now we face the world as you have made it. A place where it is illegal to dance. Where we choose between eating and paying rent. Where our work lines your pockets while we live in fear that a job well done today means unemployment tomorrow. Our future has not died. It lies dormant inside of us, fueling our hope and passion. A day will come when it will awaken, and we will be all this, and more.



Welcome to my freeworld column here on Peace, Freedom & Prosperity. This is where I will begin to share some of my thoughts and ideals but mostly just me speaking comfortably. I’m not here to cater to the average person. I’m here to share my ideals in hopes to connect with others that can identify.

This is my first post to this community; So let me start by saying that I’d like to express my gratitude for having this area to put forth my passion and enthusiasm for a freeworld, as it truly is our destiny.

I believe things will always change. For every period of bad you will have the same good, it just takes time for things to run their course. And this does not mean to say that we should just sit back and do nothing to better our world but I do I believe we are at a climatic point in human evolution, where we, our children and future generations have a real shot at freedom again in our time. The restoration of respect for eachother as equals in our eyes as we are in the eyes of nature. The return to what is good, to what is right. It is within our power to lay the framework of a free world that can voluntarily be built upon a single universal law.

[stay with me]

I have spent much time considering laws, their affects and the asinine ways of our current legal system. It is setup for profit to a few. It feeds on the blood of our people. A system where crimes no longer need victims. A truly sick animal.

After all this we have been exposed to growing up, it’s time to be reminded that in the really “real” world, there is no authority. Any real authority is a reactive consequence in it’s true nature. A reaction to unjust activities inflicted upon one of our fellows.

There came a time when I asked myself “What is the foundation which our current laws are built upon for them to have grown into such a dysfunctional purpose towards mankind.“

At some point I came across this pamphlet going around the internet entitled “Common sense” And I would like to share with you a little section of it. (Please note: This is the updated pamphlet from an anonymous author- and not the hacking group “anonymous” but just an actual anonymous author. I don’t know anything about that group of people but just keep in mind, anytime I reference the word, anonymous, I mean a person that wishes to be unknown. I suspect I’ll be mentioning anonymous people quite often so just keep that in mind) But this was around the same time that Glenn Beck put his book ‘common sense’ out. And I don’t even want to get into that.. (breath man, don’t fall for it) Just let me be perfectly clear here ,that’s not who I am referring to neither.  (Notice all the fences I have to jump just to try to explain something..? *facepalm*)

Well I’d like to share with you a part of that pamphlet from the anonymous author circling around the internet back in 2007/8ish and it had given me the answer to my question I posed above and in a way I had already known this inside me.

It reads:

“The government of the United States is the result of a revolution in thought. It was founded on the principle that all persons have equal rights, and that government is responsible to, and derives its powers from, a free people.

The very foundation of government rest on the INSEPARABLE rights of the people and of EACH individual composing their mass. The Declaration of Independence is the fundamental statement of what government is, and from what source it derives it’s powers.”

Considering that is no where near what is happening in this world wrapped around us today, I’d say that the principal contained within this simple statement is undeniable truth on how the way things ought to be.

When I press forward in my thinking, building from this foundation; The framework that I can put into place for a free society is that: No man or woman of any difference has the authority to impose their will over another. It is only at the time when someone crosses that natural boundary within Liberty does there become an actual crime. It’s that simple.

Today everything is backwards. But I have hope and faith in humanity. I believe that this basic fundamental understanding is so powerful that one day it can and will free the world.

It’s just a matter of time. The time it takes for the children to grow into adults. And I am not talking about “adults’ as in someone turning eight-teen years of age, NO!

A child is not an adult at the age of eight-teen.

What separates a child from an adult is the basic understanding of equality among their fellow humans.

When one such individual does come to realize this, natural boundaries are formed inside that individuals mind and they could no longer do any action that would lead to harming, stealing, dishonoring contracts or anything that would impose their will over another. At this very moment of clarity, the individual transformed from a child into an adult.

It does not matter if your 11 years old or 71 years old.

This very moment is when the natural boundary within Liberty is formed inside the individuals mind. They are literally changed in the way that they view and treat others and from that point forward they are no longer the same. -I know about this personally. And let me tell you, I can never go back to the way I thought previously.

Simply put, I would become undone.

It’s this type of understanding I believe that empowers a free people to live amongst each other freely. I have no doubt in that.

– and if you’re an insecure person that feels that you need laws and can’t grasp that real laws are already written upon your heart, then I’ll ask you to build upon this framework if you wish to achieve the maximum freedom and order among your people.. For then you will truly have a just and worthy system for people to follow.

I have come to realize that the very premise of government as we know it, is a complete fallacy upon mankind and incompatible with Liberty.

Once any individual understands truly what Liberty is and that they have it already by birth, along with their fellow mankind equally, it would then become impossible for that individual to rally behind another to govern their life and well-being nor try to govern another person since all equal. ~

The world I promote is not chaos, it’s the system around us currently that is the chaos. It’s A world ran by children.

I understand that there is a distinct difference between governments and a society. Both can accomplish the same goals, the only difference is that a government [as we know it] uses force upon the people while a society is comprised of individuals working together, their own way, free from the force of another individual since all are equal..

Also one must understand that there is a big difference between ‘forcing ones will over another” compared to “influencing and education” – There is ’cause and affect’ in everything. Think about it..

You can try to question the definition of ” natural law” spitefully, however the natural rights to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness are trible by their very conformity with the moral sense of reason inside of all persons.

I sincerely hope that these words will come alive within you. For I have faith in humanity and in the future for there is only progression inside the mind of mankind.

Discourse with the politician

The free man speaks to the politician:

“We can never be like you for the truth in who we are has forever changed us and how we view and treat others.

However any moment you can become just like us when you find this intuitive truth buried deep inside your heart.

Together and individually we implore you to search your heart for this revelation of who we are as a people and individually and come join us in Freedom where the Kingdom no longer exists.”

On that note, I’m signing off. Until next time, Liberty lives

Your Friend
Chris Freeman -Writer on the storm

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  1. Valerie April 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Very inspiring and thought provoking, Chris. It does often seem that our world is run by children, doesn’t it?

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