Politics – The house is designed to always win

It is my opinion from observation and participation, that politics are just like  gambling.

Uncanny in fact. Yes it’s true, and don’t think for a minute I’m referring to the process of the two concepts with betting on who will win with odds etc. No no., where this story goes, no one gets out alive.

It all started one night when I arrived in Las Vegas . I’ve haven’t been a good gambler on the tables ever since. Perhaps it was due to the way they sucked me in my very first time..

It was late, all my friends had already went to their rooms for the night to retire. When I arrived back at my hotel, it was all wrong from the start. I knew it when I was unable to locate the elevators to the rooms, then I realized that there were no exits in the building or at least ones that I could find. If that wasn’t insidious enough, the windows were no where to be found either.

I had no idea what time it was, I thought to myself “Well since this is my first time in Vegas, I don’t need to sleep now, I should go try some roulette that I had always heard about.” Every time in the past when I heard about that game, I was never really interested with it or at least not until it was presented right in front of my eyes.

I became hungry from all the possibilities. I started to think about what I could change in life if I could just win a some money. My mind began to race and I needed a drink.

The booze was free and the waitress, well she knew me by my first name. The casinos like to keep the people dumbed down in a state of an illusion with free toxins just to keep you in the building.. Hell, they even pump gas into the ventilation.. No escaping this lions den..

I sat down and decided that I would only gamble with one hundred dollars, then go to bed. My first initial bet of $40 ended up taking me to just over $14,000 dollars in chips.. I was playing for hours, with drunken burst out of my mouth “$3000 on black! Always bet on black..” I liked to say that.. Hollywood never lies..

There were moments that I would have fun with the other gamblers around me at the tables. Since I was winning so much off the small initial bet of $40, the people around me would follow my bets. So sometimes I would move my bet to the polar opposite bet. If I was betting on even, I would move it from even to odd at the last moment. Their eyes would get so big. Worry and doubt oozed from their pores. The fright, the sudden despair before the results were even in.

It was so compelling to me to see people be so sure of something then not know what was going to happen. They had a short moment of time to make a decision, and since they bet where ever I did, without ever thinking for themselves, they didn’t know what to do on their own.. I would go the other way just to see the reaction in their faces.. I remember that so vividly in my drunken state..

Every time I would get going on rolls where I kept winning, the men behind the curtain would come out and remove the dealer and replace with another one. Soon the reality sets in, I lost everything I had built from that first 40 dollar bet… It was bad. The following day I woke up with only the money left in my bank account. I had 24 hours left to make a fortune I thought to myself. I was living in the urgency from the very moment I had opened my eyes that afternoon.. Even though I lost everything the night before, I still threw any common sense out the window. I ended up losing away everything I had in my savings. I just thought, that if I got up to 14 thousand and only did it with 40 dollars then just one more bet, one more bet, just hold on one more bet.. It was bad.. A real spiral of shame if you’d ask me today. I finally realized that I was being tricked and was better off keeping my money.

Now that I have been on that ride, I don’t have a gambling problem anymore. The way I control my problem, is to not participate in gambling situations in general or politics. I just say no and go about my day, appreciating that which is already mine, my liberty and money.. I learned my lesson.. I had learned something pretty important that weekend, that you can’t always win when you participate and that the system is designed to favor the house., whether it be the white house on capital hill or that black pyramid in the middle of the desert in Nevada. I also learned that Hollywood lies.. You can’t always bet on black, in gambling or politics. I feel I know now why the great Dr King never got into politics and stuck to his message of equality.. Of course the house dealers came and shot him down because he wasn’t willing to play their games. But neither am I.

However if you are still going to gamble and wanted my advise on a sure thing.. In politics or games, let me tell ya; The best bet you can ever make, is a bet on yourself.

Your Friend,

Chris Freeman – Writer on the Storm



3 Responses to Politics – The house is designed to always win

  1. Valerie April 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    The house never does lose, but I do wonder what would happen if everyone woke up and beat the house…..

    The only safe bet is on yourself, you have to change yourself to change the world.

    Great piece, great comparison, Chris!

  2. Mike Shanklin April 18, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    They need to stop gambling with me!

    Great work Chris, keep up the great work! To Freedom!

  3. Edgardo April 18, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    Very good article Chris, I love the comparison!

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