Words of Prey

Chris Freeman – Free World Columnist
Peace Freedom & Prosperity Movement

I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon take place around me for some time now. This weird diluted language that is being used amongst the people of today. Perhaps the words have always been around, but my senses are keen to them this night. My intuition starts homing in. The eagle gets a whiff of this fish. The horripilated stench crawls into the nostrils of the bird like a wild fire consuming him from within, suffocating. From the smell alone, he knows that he could just fall right out of the sky, vomiting violently onto the faces of innocent bystanders, followed by rabid convolutions, curling up into a ball and just die if this meal is even considered.

The terms:
liberals, neo-liberals, conservatives, neo-conservatives, democrats, republicans, and a whole slew of ism’s to pick and choose from..

They all seem to have been created to move people into choosing sides, to separate us from the liberty that brings us all together in the first place.. The words put a face on pure evil in the eyes of whomever gets involved. In this game .. It’s lets point fingers at the bad guy is the only usage..

Often times when I over hear the words being played, I ask what they mean and I have yet to find a person give me a straight answer. It’s like this weird face covers the individual and the room gets thick with an awkward silence when the question is asked on the spot. I can see it written all over the persons face as they try to process what I had just asked.
“Oh no, did he just ask me that?”

I get a grin by this time and chuckle to myself because I have seen this all before. I too know how it feels to have been played by the “establishment”. It happened to me during the 2008 presidential election, but I had never used hardcore words such as those. I wouldn’t use a word if I didn’t know what it meant. Words are important. They do after all, mean things.. The story is the same in whatever crowd your with. Maybe some will pull a gay out of a hat in questioning, or another speak about stealing from Peter to give to Paul or one may bring poor dead babies to the table.. But it all boils down to either sex, money, control, or just brutal murder to be able to participate in this word orgy of the west.

Most just know they either hate or love the words fiercely, depending upon which politician is serving the dish.. Which honestly, for one to go crazy over having another individual rule over their life and well-being is pure lunacy to begin with. You can always spot these programed (quick rule over me) type junkies in any fine establishment today. You can spot them by their trigger words alone. It’s almost as if they are on a ride, that you’ve already been on, and your just watching them at the phase getting to the peak of the ride, before the big come down. At least they are trying I know in my heart and I am pretty sure that is important.

I always try to break through those words of separation when they come up. I state that, “I do not understand the language of liberal or conservative” etc, I say “I only understand and embrace LIBERTY”. It truly is the freedom message that brings us together, it doesn’t divide us. That is where I am today.

It’s self-evident that individual sovereignty is the natural order. I ask, how can one control another, without the individuals consent? Our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are preliminary to any form of government or social establishment. You can never forget, the Declaration of Independence is the fundamental statement on what government is and from what source it derives its powers. The very foundation of government rest in the inseparable rights of the people and of each individual composing their mass.

There is no authority, only a foundation of equality and with this understanding of my equal rights to life, liberty and my own pursuit of happiness, It would be impossible for me to infringe upon another individuals same rights. I would be undone. My rights end with myself. I whole heartily believe with all my being, that it is this type of understanding that empowers a free people to live amongst each other freely. But try and tell that to anyone today and sure they agree with the fundamental ideals of respect, equality, and freedom, but then again they will most likely continue on saying “but not in the real world”.. It’s how I know that in America, Thomas Jefferson is considered the loon dementia grandfather that no one pays attention to anymore…

In reality, the ones that give their souls to this game of wanting to be ruled over, end up being doomed when they see their beloved idols in a photo on the Internet throwing up Satan’s notorious two fingered gang sign, with their best metal face on. Followed by a “New World Order” caption underneath the photo.. It’s disgusting really. You can’t trust anyone, anywhere. Sometimes not even your own blood when dealing with your life. However I fear not, as my motto goes “fear not and love alot.”

I will never give ownership of myself to a politician or government of any kind. And I refuse to allow those people make me upset in dire anger. I am above those boys now. I have something inside me that no man can never take away. That being my inner peace, self-awareness and my love for all humanity.

Until next-time
Your friend,

Chris Freeman – Writer on the Storm


2 Responses to Words of Prey

  1. Terry April 25, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    Well, honey, I’m free to starve to death right now, unless I freely go down to the grocery store and steal. Unemployed, disabled anthropologist. Without food. Wierd, huh? Because I LOVED and TRUSTED and probably will right up to the very end, even though my mind is rich with the same ideology as your’s, my biology, like your’s, cannot eat love. As someone once told me, love doesn’t buy lunch. And dayum, if she wasn’t right. Who’d a thunk it?! [and believe me, it’s NOT pride at work, I have asked, told and still … nothing]

    • Chris Freeman April 25, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

      Believe it or not but I go hungry too. I hate it really. I understand everything you’re saying. –The problem in my eyes is the framework we have been brought up in. Imagine all the land you see as you fly on a plane. It’s not like we can go and find open land and start building, planting, growing. The artificial system we live in has taken everything from us and demands we work within it’s walls. I totally respect residency, I just don’t recognize states and countries. We people are free, they are free to build and work together to prosper I believe.

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