Dynamite the Makeup Artists

Divisions within the liberty movement create a formidable task themselves for any individual to tackle.  My personal tendency is to speak to those who are liberty-oriented already, as not to waste time with those who are perfectly willing to advocate violence against others to achieve whatever desired ends.  However, it may be useful at times to take a moment to remind those outside the movement that they are more than a speck on a giant slug, more than a random piece in some mosaic that the “better” (read:  state) among us continually attempt to perfect.

Are you a special jewel?  That is a question to be answered by you, and only you.  How could you accept the pronouncement of another on the matter of your personal worth?

Whether you are a special jewel is also a reality to be decided by you, and only you.  We’re naturally the masters of our fates, placed in a world in which life comes and life goes.  Lions go after the youngest of cubs or calves among their prey; life is never fair and never will be.

What distinguishes us from the lions who attack the young of other species?  Call it rationality.  Call it free will.  Call it whatever you like; the end result is the same.  We’re distinguished from the rest by our ability to choose.  We’ve the capacity not only to work toward the sustenance of our own lives, but the lives of our loved ones and even those we do not know.  It is our choice and our birthright to decide on a great many things; I would bet that virtually all of humankind would stand in opposition of unprovoked violence.  Therein lies the difference.

Our leaders, whichever party they may represent, stand on platforms underpinned by institutionalized violence.  Changes proposed in the form of balanced budgets (which are never really balanced), reforms to entitlement programs (which continually destroy the “entitled”), or ends to wars (which never really end) are always cosmetic.  These politicians, our so-called “leaders,” are but makeup artists; they propose and apply cosmetic changes to fundamentally flawed systems.

The makeup artists be damned, their power is always derived from the mass sanction of their victims.  The victims are always the people who would, outside the interference of government, be doing what they saw best fit for themselves and those they care about.

Withdraw your sanction.  Dynamite their violent premises.

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