Notes from an anarchist notebook – Poetry for Mayday

By Chris Freeman [aka teli tuketu] –

Drawing our lines in the sand, temporary sanctuary’s erected by the touch of our skin.. ….
Leave us be so that we can enjoy ours, whilst always respecting yours.

Equality came whispering at my door

There’s no time for palters. We’re pushing forward, forging the very extinction of war.

The forgotten knowledge held safe within grace; The indigenous people have lost their place.

Awaken Awaken

The earth, the mother, she came roaring, with a blaze, opening her eyes. So shocked to see just how we have behaved.

Horripilated lust of failed misguided trust came from outside. She knew it was time, so she shook away all that has covered her dormant tides. Bleeding far out into the distant skies.

One by one the buildings came crumbling down, until there was nothing left; except the wind’s song, comforting the swollen ground.

The problem, We had separated ourselves from nature that had originally brought us about.

We turn the page that reveals that the time has come to look towards the clouds, and listen from within. No longer will we seek to be ruled by men.

Begin the separation of the twins

The fire ignites the gallows, we’ve come to tear it down.

We no longer miss, we will not live in sin; for it’s time to build, planting the seeds of love all over again.

Raising sons and daughters who knows not of war, cutting nets.. Trusting the edge of forever to keep our shores.

There is no authority. Only us, here in the now. Limitlessly free, never taking a bow.

Just basking in our love without a single need.

Go tell it to the people, show them that we were always free.

That without you, without me, there can be no authority.

I re-defined my language and found the knowledge key to everlasting peace:

equality = unity in individuality

Together we stand amongst the trees, never forgetting our place called destiny.

Mayhem,11, 2009
teli Χριστος φερω ∞

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  1. Marie J. Burns May 1, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Perfectly executed poem with so many truths and realizations hidden within.
    “The problem, We had separated ourselves from nature that had originally brought us about.”
    I think this line here totally sums up the point of this piece, but the last lines of your poem hit hard and end well.

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