America’s Witch is Dead

As President Obama alerted the media of a message to the citizens of America that delayed for more then thirty minutes, speculation grew of a capture of Osama Bin Laden. Finally, the President revealed that Bin Laden had been killed. Almost immediately the streets of D.C. and New York City were filled of people chanting slogans like “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” and singing songs like The National Anthem. While I perfectly understand the emotional involvement when growing up during the time of 9/11, I reflect on the question: If we are using the same terror tactics as our threat, do we become the enemy within ourselves?

Bin Laden wanted us to be pulled into a long war because our economy was just that easy to collapse. Sure, for a good while America probably did profit on the war with dinky plastic merchandise manufactured in China, but it is clear that the money that is being poured into the Army is influenced under the agendas of Zionist. While we are on our way to take out Gaddafi, soon we will be convinced that our presence in the Middle East is still needed for a new leader to destroy.

Just a few days ago it was reported that the Speaker of the House wanted to keep open a plant that constructed army tanks that was at risk of losing hundreds of jobs because the U.S. Army claimed that they did not have any need for more tanks to be made. It does not surprise me that maybe even the army has no clue what is in store for America. It seems odd to me that if the army knows they have an overstock of tanks that are unnecessary that the Speaker would insist on keeping the tank plant opened even though the army is personally there keeping tabs on their equipment. Obama has been advocating to raise the debt ceiling and not cut spending, but tax the rich. It is sad to me that people would be at risk of losing their jobs because they relied on the government to survive; Times like these remind us it is time to start being your own source for survival. The individual knows himself/herself the best and what is most important for self-sustaining.

The revolution in Syria has been getting a lot of attention lately with the anchors covering their need for democracy. I have not witnessed any protesters claiming they want what is reported, but it is evident they do not want their current government. Some senators are calling for action, placing us once again in another conflict. Make no mistake to think they aren’t already ground “troops” from the U.S. in that country.

Americans are fearful of being hated, but when we are manipulated into forgetting to read between the lines how can the public act so innocent? No person or persons should be doomed to horrific acts of violence because murder is not justice. My enemies tend to be the easiest to forgive because it is true that some people do not know what they are doing. Many people are mind controlled and are satisfied with living in this kind of system. Love, honesty, and consideration are important to remember when facing people with opposing ideals, especially towards ones that have wronged us.

I’d rather know my who enemies are than wait around to be told what the next threat is. However, those that are closed minded would say otherwise, especially when they have served their time in war for something they think is the right thing to do. This constant force that is endured within the minds of our military and the mainstream political spectrum is not the way we should be dealing with foreign policy issues. Is justice really served when millions of people suffer for one man to die?

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