What can we do? Promoting freedom in Africa

While many of us are working to spread the message to people who largely agree with us, or endlessly debating what a particular word means and whether it applies to us, there are others who are actually reaching out to people who have never heard our message.  One such example is Africa Youth Peace Call.

Africa Youth Peace Call is headed by my friend Afrikanus Kofi Akosah in Accra, Ghana.  Kofi is working to spread the message of liberty and entrepreneurship to Africa.  For far to long the African continent has been controlled by outsiders and heavily influenced by collectivist, even communist, ideals and ravaged by the death and destruction of would be rulers fighting over control.  It is past time for the peoples of Africa to be given the opportunity to direct their own futures as free individuals.

Kofi is working with  Casey Research LLC, International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) and Individual Sovereign University (IndSovU) and others to spread the message of individual sovereignty and freedom to the youth of Africa.  To this end they are having their third Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp at Cape Coast, Ghana.  This camp is intended to give the opportunity to the youth of Africa to learn from world class presenters about liberty and entrepreneurship and its place in their lives.

I would encourage all who support freedom to consider supporting this effort.  There are links to donations on the pages of AYPC at the above links and all donations will be matched by ISIL.  Even if you can’t donate please help to spread the message about this worthwhile effort.


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