The people in Indiana drank the kool-aid

Recently the Indiana Supreme Court made two major rulings concerning police entry into private citizens’ homes. Both of these rulings have left me thankful that I don’t live in Indiana and asking just what the people who do are thinking.

On Tuesday the court ruled that officers do not have to knock to serve a warrant if they feel circumstances justify this action. Before this ruling, police officers had to acquire a judge’s permission before being allowed to walk in a private citizen’s home without warning. I’m sure some will argue that if you have a warrant then you don’t deserve any warning before police officers come rushing into your house. First, not everyone with a warrant is a violent animal. Second, it is possible to have the address of innocent family or a complete wrong address on a warrant. This ruling gives officers permission to walk into one’s house unannounced with nobody but themselves to say it was needed.

Then on Thursday the court ruled that Indiana residences can not resist unlawful police entry into their homes. This means that an officer can enter into Indiana residences without warning, a warrant or even probable cause that a crime has been committed. The home owner can legally do nothing to resist the entry.

What are these people thinking? Like so many people they have this false sense of security that having a badge magically makes you a good person. It doesn’t. I’m less hard on cops than many of the people I know. I try to dislike the system and not the person. I know some very good cops. I’ve also met some really bad ones that under no circumstances would I let them in my house. End of story. But even if all cops were the saints they would like us to believe I still wouldn’t want them to legally be allowed to enter my home in this way. It’s my home. Rulings like this worry me. Is this really the direction we want our country to go? Today it’s Indiana but next time it might be where you live.

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