Give them HELL Indiana!

As reported in my article The People in Indiana Drank the Kool-aid, Indiana’s Supreme Court recently made two important ruling in regards to police entry into homes but it seems not all of Indiana has been drinking the kool-aid.

On May 25, hundreds of concerned citizens attended the “Stand Up for Your Fourth Amendment Rights” protest. The rally was actually started through Facebook and grew in number far beyond the imagination of its organizers.

Reports show that phone calls and emails from constituents are pouring in. Many are asking for a new law or the removal of Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David, who wrote the decision.

Many of the protesters tried to make it clear that while they supported police officers, they were uncomfortable by the power the rulings gave them.

Talk about power to the people. I got warm and fuzzy feelings when I watched this on the news. It’s good to know not everyone is happily drinking their kool-aid.


Indiana 4th Amendment Coverage

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