The Extension of the Unpatriotic Act

Since 2001, the Patriot Act has accompanied the war on terrorism by infiltrating wiretaps across the borders and in our neighborhoods. 10 years later the American government order the operation that murdered the top most wanted terrorist through leaked information in extensive water boarding techniques in Guantanamo and through wiretapping suspected terrorist. Today, Obama and his administration seeks to gain more war power including legally declaring war any place in the world without congressional approval, along with secretly detaining citizens. The term “terrorist” could very well be labeled on innocent groups of people like anti-war protesters, for example. Through the concept of fear, we are forced to ride along with whatever the government thinks is best for the society. Under the control of elites, the republic is threatened to be crushed under a ruling empire.

The extension of the Patriot Act places average Americans and citizens of the world in to a petri dish, waiting for a threat to grow in order to slide individuals under the  microscope. What becomes so patriotic about spying on people with alternative ideas about how they should live their daily lives? The government has become this teary-eyed toddler throwing a temper tantrum anytime someone says or does something they don’t like. Their mafia tactics manipulates hard working people into doing their bidding and terrorize innocent and non-violent people. Tax payers are forced to support the will of NATO and crush the very rights of their own people.

What is most alarming is while Obama was in Europe, his “autopen” signature was used to pass the law minutes before midnight on May 26th. I question if the president even read the details of the extension, if he even took the time to understand the consequences of continuing the invasion of personal privacy. Of course, threatening the lives of our American citizens is intolerable, but when you take a step back it is easy to come to the conclusion that because we continue to make the choices that globalizes harassment on opposing nations, these very acts fuel the flame and cause much more destruction to the safety of Americans.

The evidence is clearly expressed through the force and aggression of  another declared war known as the War on Drugs. The pursuit is similar, as well as the goal which is to eliminate or contain the threat by using various roving wiretaps to give the impression that our nation will be safer in just a matter of time. These enhanced tactics violate our liberty, which has been rung dry on our own soil, and promotes tyranny on every brother and sister of the free world. After many years of executions, detaining of violators, and theft of billions of dollars in these wars, our planet is left more unsafe then ever.

The revolution lies in the hearts of the individual willing to take a stand against the control of the police state and unfold the hidden lies within the very system that constricts the common person who wants nothing more than to live their life according to the practices that benefits themselves and harms no one else. It is acceptable for the self-proclaimed free person to act out against the opponent peacefully, like Adam Kokesh from Russia Today who was arrested for dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in protest, as well as other countless examples of citizens standing up and saying “enough is enough.” Our society has become distracted by their nine-to-five jobs and their iPads, and even though it takes the individual mind to want to be awoken, it does not harm to demonstrate or flex the personal liberties that everyone is naturally granted with so that the everyday man can take a minute to comprehend just what exactly is wrong with the direction our nation is headed.

America has become the nation of “do as we say and not as we do” that presents it’s two-faced mask under the control of the G8. This country has forgotten it’s founded principles and we are left empty handed wanting more of the most frivolous things that leaves us living like infected zombies who do as they are told. Our “uniqueness” is polished in published popular magazine pages and posed on posters that hangs on billboard overpasses and city high rises. Unfortunately, the agendas are carried though the capitalization of the counter-culture to give the impression of fiction through fantasy scripts and bogus documentaries.

Even as the right to free speech withers in the hot sun, hung from the one-eyed pyramid, the individual has a purpose of expressing the very fibers woven within every mind that connects all that exist. The yearning for freedom is evident in everyone willing to change their current reality. Find your purpose, be creative and promote peaceful selfless acts that opens the eyes of the public.

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