Independence Day – Time For History to Repeat Itself

July 4th, 1776. A divided continental congress was forced to unite in a cry for independence against England when a handful of the bunch told England that they were through. Subsidies, high taxes, the imprisonment of political renegades, and the favoritism showed by those in power to their favorite producers had gone too far. The declaration was received with a myriad or responses, some in shock, others in wounded pride. The sum of the resulting confusion and chaos cannot be crammed into a mere short article so I will spare everyone the history lesson.

In the end, many people died for many different reasons. Some felt it was their duty, some their well-being, and others for a crack at a name for themselves. In the end, a high death toll, a economical disaster, and a fractured idea of what to do next plagued the newly free people. In spite of the odds, the people got back onto their feet, and began to rebuild and regroup.

Less then a decade after the fighting ceased, all of that would come to nothing. Ideas of grandeur began to seep into the heads of the politically powerful. The idea that America needed to become an Empire became the driving factor into the minds of those that held the power, and the rest as they say, is history.

So here we are, celebrating the 235 year old demopublic. The conditions of today are no different that those found in 1776 – high taxes, corporatism, subsidies, iron clad rule, and enough regulation to make a drill sergeant cringe. Of course its not all bad – never was, and until the breaking point is reached, nor will it be. There is a plus side to America’s passiveness to its government, and that is the acknowledgement that violent revolutions only replace one tyrant with another. In point of fact, violent revolutions often bring forward the most misguided, and in the midst of the confusion, grants them power.

Personally, I hate the idea that I find myself questioning things to the level that I do. Ignorance, in many cases, was bliss as it allowed me the simple-minded belief that we were doing well as a country, and that we just hit a bump in the road. History is a very disturbing wake up call.

I say we stop this pattern. Nations come and go and the US is no different having already proved herself more then apt to inheret the ideals of failing societies the world over. The truth is that the colonial experiment was hijacked by the American Experiment – ripped from the hands of the people and turned over to the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.

You see, long before the Stars and Stripes, there was liberty, and I have become all too aware of the difference between the two. Many of our so called ‘leaders’ follow in the foosteps in their predecessors. Arrogantly assuming that a law bent on the futile notion of solving the foibles of the human condition was a possible task, they have enacted law upon law on themselves until liberty has become no more then a fleeting vision.

I would like to remind people on this day of where we came from and what made us. After 235 years, it’s time we grew up and rid ourselves of the notion that socialism and statist mindsets are the keys to ‘civilized living’. These are nothing more then theives shaking right hands with you while robbing you with their left. The truth is that no Nation or Empire can ever exist in pusruance with the ideals of liberty – that  can only truly be had and maintained by the individual.

So lets have a revolution. Screw the state and the horse it rode in on. Its power is great only because it carries the threat and use of force. Yet the people hold a far greated power – one that never ceases to rise against the odds and overcome, and that is the power of individuals truly united upon the foundations of human rights. Violence is not the answer and will solve nothing. You cannot force your fellow man to your views – that’s the state’s job. So be better than that – set an example. Show them by example that civilization needs no force to exist save force used in true defense. Educate yourselves and never stop, for in the end, it will yeild far more benefit then gold.

In the immortal words of Frederic Bastiat “Away, then, with quacks and organizers! Away with their rings, and their chains, and their hooks, and their pincers! Away with their artificial methods! Away with their social laboratories, their governmental whims, their centralization, their tariffs, their universities, their State religions, their inflationary or monopolizing banks, their limitations, their restrictions, their moralizations, and their equalization by taxation! And now, after having vainly inflicted upon the social body so many systems, let them end where they ought to have begun—reject all systems, and try liberty” – The Law.

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