Proclamation of Original Birth-Rights

WARNING: This post contains content of religious nature – if that offends you then perhaps you’re not understanding what it is I am doing here. Read carefully with prejudice aside. –

Remember back in august of 2009 we had all those town hall meetings regarding the healthcare bill? Well at the time, I was living over in oklahoma while I worked remote.  -I recall watching the videos over the net on how people were responding and found it fascinating to say the least.

I looked and sure enough we had one coming up.  The rep of our district was going to be there and I thought to myself what a time to make my intentions known.

So I put together the following speech and document (notarized) and got ready to deliver. -My family went with me (mom, sis, bro) and being as though I am not a person who speaks well in public, I was a lil nervous. But I had to deliver this message so I tried not to think of it.

I remember my uncle telling me as he was about to leave town “we’ll son,.. get ready to be persecuted” with an exhausted smile upon his face. But it mattered not to me. -I am how I feel.

Now I understand the separation of church and state thing however at the same time, it’s all wrong.. The Earth is my church and I never knew a state.  <-

As we all walked into the auditorium and took our seats.  There was a man that came up to us and started asking  questions as to why we were there and what questions we had for the congressman. -He stated that they did not want any statements of any kind, only questions.. “Sure” I said to myself.. I came here to make a statement no matter what anyone says. He may want to use his time to ask questions but that is not how I chose to use my time with the talking stick [mic]..

The meeting opened up with a prayer, which believe it or not, was weird to me because what if everyone there didn’t believe as such to act in a group manner.  Afterwords he [the congressman] made a statement and then everyone began to line up to ask their questions.

I got up,  dressed in my black suit,  black tie, black kangol with my grandfathers bible in hand, proceeded to the line while I waited patiently for each person to speak their mind.

The overall atmosphere was negative and the congressman’s responses’ to the people was pretty much -..well not satisfiable to most.

There was frustration and hopelessness abound – though the video footage released has all the negative questions removed (including my statement) and paints a different light of the event.

It was my turn and I was ready.

The following is what I had prepared; centuries of arguments in defiance of tyranny.

And let me just say before you read, you do not have to agree with me here. I share with you these things, not to tell you how to feel but instead to share with you how I feel. If there’s anything to be taken out of this, it’s that you don’t have to agree in order to show respect towards each other.

Please remember that this is my life and how I choose to live it.

That said, here we go:

Proclamation Of Original Birth-Rights

In the presence of: US Representative John Sullivan (OK-1), Republican party
Date: The Twenty-Eighth day of August, Two Thousand and Nine


Owasso Highschool
12901 E 86th St N
Owasso, OK 74055

Sir I’d like to thank you for coming here tonight to be with us.You appear to be a noble man. I come here to speak today not to burden you with questions but rather to bring enlightenment and make proclamations of things which are inherent in the nature of man.

Our rights we share equally are not that of something which is granted by powers of government, they are preliminary to any form of government. We get our rights from our maker; not from congress.

The government created by a few individuals has no more right to bind generations to their laws and judgments as one independent nation has no control over another. They have no authority to enforce unjust laws that are repugnant to the rights that are secured by our Creator. The natural laws given to us are just and bring freedom to every man and woman.

The government of the United States is not our authoritarian mother, even if so that would make her actions towards mankind all the more horrendous, for no just and loving mother would ever harm her children so brutally.

In the early ages of the world, according to the scripture chronology there were no kings or governments; the consequence of which was, there were no wars; it is the pride of kings and powers of principalities which throws mankind into confusion.

We find ourselves here at a time where we must make a choice. We can either follow laws authored by man, or we can follow the perfect laws created by God. The laws created by God are just for the foundation of which is no man or woman of any race, color or creed can be forced to do anything against their will.

It creates a natural boundary in the minds of men, where we can live together peacefully and prosper together without fear. The laws created by man only undermine the laws of Nature which were created by God. The laws of man only brings the force of government down up on us.

The natural right for one to seek their own destiny is something that is embedded inside of the heart of mankind.

We are free and not for the taking. Free from your artificial authorities. Since all mankind was created equal under the laws of Nature, where could the authority come from to force anything over another against their will, without their consent?

There is no authority. –Only you can live your life, so act accordingly.

With that being said, I now present the Proclamation Of Original Birth Rights.

Proclamation Of Original Birth Rights

This serves notice: The power vested in my King, in which all of creation is under governance of; has proclaimed diplomatic immunity over me, my family and all of God’s people here on planet Earth.

Understanding that human governments are the rejection of God (Samuel 1:8)
I shall take no part of it and separate myself accordingly.(2 Corinthians 6:17 – Wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate!! saith the Lord)

I am not property of your political powers, for my allegiance is with the King of Kings & the Lord of Lords.

If you and your followers choose to live such lives, then so be it. That is of your own free will. The same God that gave us life, gave us free will the very same moment.;Though force may destroy the two can never be separated.
I am not a citizen of your man made societies.

My citizenship originates from Heaven.
“Philippians 3:20: Our citizenship is in heaven”

I understand the sacred and undeniable truth that all persons were created equal. For this purpose and reassurance to you and your citizens insecurities, I will declare the following: I will never harm nor steal from another and I will always be responsible for my actions accordingly. I will respect contracts that I commit to during my visit. I will certainly never speak falsely about others. I wish and choose to live in peace among men on this Earth, not only because I choose to, but because my King (The King of Kings) instructs me to.

The Lord, my God, my King, my perfect ruler has claimed this over my life.
(2 Corinthians 5:20: We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us)

I have the right to commerce with your citizens, rent, purchase goods, farm, heal, live and travel freely in between and beyond the borders your human governments have established without interruption, however for respect of mankind and re-assurance of your concerns;

I will not harm the property for that which I pass.

Take notice; A crime committed against me or against any God’s people that hath originated from your hands or by anyone else; is a crime committed against God. Natural consequences will take place from any unjust action brought against God’s people.

We understand that Gods children do not force others, for Gods children see wisdom in the natural boundary within Liberty, that makes for a peaceful society.

God’s people follow the Natural laws of nature and not the laws authored by men. The laws created by men are artificial; they confer no rights: they impose no duties; affords no protection; they create no office; they are in legal contemplation with the laws of Nature, and are as inoperative as though they had never been passed when God’s people take claim to their inheritance in him as their King.

I am secure and take comfort in Gods law. The Almighty’s Grace is sufficient!!

Peace with Love,
teli Nuttah Oya  (from afar my heart comes forth)
Ambassador for Heaven


The crowd roared in applause, the congressman was stuttering his words and trying to move along to the next subject. At one point a man literally tried to take the mic from me but I continued anyway. After speaking, I nodded and smiled to the man, turned and walked out of the auditorium with my family following me behind and ate a delicious dinner with my family. -It was a good day.

Natural Laws Affords Protection.

Until later,


Writer on the storm

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