Police Brutality On the Rise

I have been scratching my head lately over all the cases of police brutality that is being filmed these days. More and more police officers are abusing their sworn oath to “p/rotect and serve”. I have seen countless videos of people of all ages, races, genders get beat up for no apparent reason by so-called “peace officers”.

How can someone call themselves a “peace officer” when they beat up citizens and lock them in cages? When are these “peace officers” ever reprimanded or fired? Unfortunately, rarely ever. It is a sad, sad thing to see and hear about these brutal cases of beatdowns and know that nothing will ever be done. Thankfully, we have wonderful groups that are dedicated to exposing the brutality! Youtube is a great source of amateur videos, anyone can be a journalist! A truly fantastic organization is Copblock.org! This is run by Ademo Freeman and Pete Eyre. These brave fellas go around the country exposing fascist cops for who they really are. 

Houston Police Beating Teen Suspect – This is one example of the disgusting tactics that police use on people. What is even worse, the government officials in Houston as well as the police chief denied anyone from seeing the video, until a community activist was given a copy and he gave to a local television station.

In the news lately have been too many stories about these beatings ending in death for the victims. BART Cop Murders Suspect


 Police Brutality on the Rise since 9/11

When will the madness end? Government is running roughshod over us citizens and the police force is their brutal suppression thugs. End this shit now! People need to stand up and force government to hold these scum responsible for their actions. These are NOT HEROs! Not mine, nor any rational thinking person’s hero either. STAND UP People!



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