Transition, Libertarian to Anarchist

I am 26 next month. I study libertarianism frequently. The reason I contacted you is because you’re the first person I’ve talked to that seems to get the whole picture and truly understands freedom and liberty as more than just nice sounding words.

I tire of the fools that think they understand it, but then advocate against immigration, religion, sexual orientations, drugs and other human choices and so called ‘victimless crimes’. It would seem that most of the people you think should understand freedom and join militias have no true idea about it. I was starting to feel alone until you showed up.

When I come to embrace an ideology, I do so as a person of logic and as a result of logical thinking. I was raised religious (Christian) from birth until I was 20 years of age, at which point I was introduced to unbiased scientific articles and actual historic evidence that disproved my indoctrinated religious beliefs and proved correct the scientific ones I had been harbored from my whole life.

I came to find that man was not guilty for being born who he was, and that he was his own ultimate authority, that he was free from the chains of tyranny in the sky and accountable only to himself, ‘God’ was indeed, irrelevant. Now, with your help, I have discovered that I had just filled that void with the Constitution and the promise of freedom through limited government, only to come to the conclusion later that, the State, like God, is irrelevant and unneccessary.

As humans we desire to follow a higher power, or an idea that we find greater than ourselves, for me now, I realize that I have just been doing that with the Constitution and the words of the Founding Fathers this whole time, it wasn’t because they were logical men, but because I wanted to believe they were. As a person of honesty and logic, I can no longer accept my previous ways of thinking. I was oblivious to this fact as recently as last week. Now my eyes are open, I suppose I should thank you for that, even though the truth is painful. The world was so different without believing in the lies of religious teachers, now it will be different without believing in the delusion that we need the state.

I must ask you, is the Constitution invalid to you? Do you still vote? Do you support more libertarian minded candidates than non libertarian leaning ones? Is the Constitutional Militia wrong in what it fights for?

My gut tells me yes, these are irrelevant, as it all still supports government, limited yes, but government.. and time shows us that government always takes more than it’s due, and works to enslave the great minds and innovations that would vastly benefit mankind. Government is an obstacle on human advancement, on productivity and freedom. I believe that if mankind ever reaches the stars and learns from the mistakes of the past, they will live as free people, and they will look back at history and laugh at the fact their ancestors ever found rulers to be a relevant idea at all.

An email from: Justin Nusunginya to The Founder of Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Movement, James Cox

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  1. Bob Robertson September 9, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    I agree with your principle. I do vote, because it is one peaceful way to say “No”.

    I rarely if ever get to vote “for” someone, most of my ballots are blank, with “No” checked next to every tax, every bond, or checked which ever way means “No” in that particular case.

    When there is no way to say “No”, then I will not cast a ballot. It will be a sad day, when there are no peaceful ways left to say “No”.

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