Brother, Can You Spare $2 Trillion?

by Jessica Pacholski

Well the Fed seems to have done just that, however it is not disclosing the beneficiary of this largess. Many believe that the Federal Reserve is indeed an agency of our government and they believe that it is a necessary institution built to fight inflation. It’s time to wake up to the grim reality that neither of these things is true. It is a privately owned bank that lends our government money, at interest, to pay it’s debts. Now it was created by the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, but the act itself was written in secret by Nelson Aldrich, Henry P. Davison, Paul Warburg, Frank A. Vanderlip, Charles D. Norton, and Professor A. Piatt Andrew. Out of these six men only two were elected or appointed officials, the other four were all high ranking partners at major Wall Street banks. This group of elite men died long before many of us were born, but their legacy is still with us.

The danger in this is that the Federal Reserve does whatever it wants without any oversight by Congress. Whatever debt in incurs is eventually the burden of the taxpayers of this country and we have no say how this money is used. As a matter of fact we have no way to know what is being spent or how much cash is in circulation. It is a rogue institution and it is in total control of our money. Central banking has been around for a long time, it was already a well developed system in Europe before this country was founded. Benjamin Franklin remarked that the Revolution was fought in order to sever the tie, not only, to King George, but to his bank as well. This is why the Constitution gives Congress the authority to coin money based on only a gold or silver standard. Fiat (meaning from nothing) currency issued from central banks in Europe had been a problem. By increasing and decreasing currency at will they were able to manipulate the wealth and the governments of the European Nations. The Founders knew the dangers of hyperinflation of currency from first hand experience from the Continental fiasco, so they outlined a system of competitive currency for the people and the power to coin money without interest to Congress.

Here we are, a nation manipulated by the central banks and their shady operators. Our government is owned through their debt by the Federal Reserve and in turn we are owned by proxy. The Grace Commission assembled by Ronald Reagan early in his first term found that 100% of direct Federal Income Tax is used to pay the INTEREST on the money borrowed by the US government. Even Bloomberg is calling for an audit now, I call for something far more radical: SHUT IT DOWN! Every boom and bust cycle over the last 95 yrs has been the result of this fractional reserve banking system and it’s fiat money supply. Students of the Austrian School of Economics have been sounding the warning bell for years and it’s time for all of us to heed it. If we want to end needless wars, end the rising police state, end entitlement programs of all stripes we must start chanting END THE FED! Without fiat money our government would have to do what the rest of us have always had to do, live within it’s means.

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  1. Bobby Revell November 14, 2008 at 3:21 am #

    It’s astonishing that the media and our politicians will not face the truth. All this current talk about how to lubricate the gears of capitalism with bailouts and more bailouts is so ridiculous, I stand in absolute disbelief.

    Our economy may improve, but it will be fallacious – another shoddy bubble that will burst again – while the credit crisis only becomes worsened.

    I wish this blog had open comments. It would be much more effective. Normally, when I leave a comment on a blog, my name is linked back to my site. With this format, it is not.

  2. Jessica Pacholski November 14, 2008 at 10:20 am #

    I agree, it is a wide path of destruction and the truth of the Fed’s role in the crisis is obfuscated.

    You’ll have to email James about the open comments thing, it’s an excellent idea. We just started up so there are going to be wrinkles.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Bobby Revell November 14, 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    To illustrate my point on why registration should be turned off: See my name above? It does not link to my site. I would like it to link to my site – so people will know who wrote the comment. It is a synergistic, open blogging relationship.

    To build page rank and gain world wide visibility through search engine queries, this should be considered! If James (Hi James!) leaves comments on other related sites/blogs (especially ones with dofollow link crawling) he will definitely want his name linked back to this blog. It increases page rank and builds link power. I have left hundreds of comments on Ron Pauls blog, and I get a ton of return traffic from him as people may like what I wrote and my name is linked.

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