V for Justice – Mark Schmidter & Julian Heiklen

Judge Belvin Perry, Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, Florida.
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Julian Heicklen was arrested and sentenced to 145 days behind bars. His offense? Handing out pamphlets on a public sidewalk. Please read more info here: http://cdevolution.org/julian-heicklen/

Mark Schmidter was also jailed by the same judge (Judge Perry) for the same “crime” of passing out flyers on a public sidewalk.



Julian and Mark have both been judged by a petty tyrant who thinks his authority to negate individual rights extends beyond his courtroom. Imagine being “guilty” of contempt of court without even stepping foot in the courtroom. More about Mark’s case is here: http://orlandocopwatch.com/super-activist-mark-schmidter-caged-for-151-days/

Julian is currently caged. Mark is free pending his appeal. Both are facing 5 months behind bars. I know Julian faces this situation without fear, but I am concerned for any octogenarian in jail. Medications are routinely denied and infections can spread easily in unsanitary conditions.

Julian frequently reminds us that “the price of justice is eternal publicity.” The purpose of this contest is to increase the odds of justice. Letters to the mass media and youtube videos are an easy way to put some attention of this situation.

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