OWS: An Anti-State Perspective

   The hyphenated anarchists can be a combative bunch.  I’ve done my share of arguing from an Ancap perspective, against sects of the movement I believe wish to achieve freedom- so long as it is done their way.  Tired and stale as the news on it may be, the Occupy Movement lends itself well to unification behind a few vital, strategy-related principles for pushing back the state.  Libertarian and anarchist circles have reacted to the Movement in a number of ways, ranging from complete dismissal to complete embrace.  The implications of the current Movement, which has now spread to Europe, are too large not to take advantage of, but in a measured way.  Because the Movement presents an opportunity for all libertarian sects to make progress, I will include all factions under the umbrella term “Anti-States” for the purposes of this piece.

   The Occupy Movement is by no means monolithic.  Indeed, it has no unifying theme at all.  Occupiers range from well-educated End the Fed types to tired old hippies looking for something, anything, to whine about. Many are just disgruntled and jobless, with no conception of why.  It’s understandably sexy to any Anti-State to watch an affront to the establishment.  Many have balked, because much of the Movement is not only diametrically opposed to the Anti-State’s ends, but is also employing some rather grotesque means to get there (many have no idea where “there” is).  Others have fully embraced the Movement, albeit without a coherent strategy for battling against the coercive State. 


The most obvious and probably the most important fact about OWS is that tens of thousands of would be activists are gathered in unison, revolting against the harsh realities that have resulted from public policy.  It should not be an immediate concern that so many protesters are ignorant as to what has caused their misfortune.  The Anti-State’s first job is to educate.  The pupils have gathered in mass.

   Though the protests lack cohesiveness, anti-capitalism is ubiquitous.  An overwhelming majority of protesters have reversed causality, and demand that the benevolent state bring the corporations and bankers under control.  Lost is the fact that our fascist system demands an unchecked state to empower and protect big business; without the state’s monopoly on force, there would be no TARP.  There would be no bailouts.  There would be no protection for the all powerful central bank, which has destroyed our currency.  The goal of the powerful State is more power.  The means of gaining and retaining that power are found within the realm of the State’s partnership with industry.  The fascist machine is self-feeding, and only grows until it is dismantled completely.  

   The semantic battle over the word “capitalism” aside, it is lamentable that so few recognize that we have lived in a de facto fascist state, and at the very least a feudalist one, for the greater part of America’s history.  Capitalism in the minds of the majority of Americans is a concept far displaced from laissez faire policy.  In picturesque straight jacket fashion, the people clamor for a larger and more coercive State to save them from the ills of the large and coercive State.

   Through provocative signs, personal interaction, observance of police brutality, and any other opportunities that may present themselves, the Occupy Movement gives Anti-States a chance to educate and spark thought in the minds of thousands of people who are clearly not apathetic.  At the same time, we have the opportunity to offer a different perspective to the world as it watches; a perspective of peace, intellect, and virtue.  As the police riot, we film.  As the statists defecate, we educate.  The media cannot contain the raw footage, the real time stories, or the reality on the ground as it once could.

   As any modern activist knows, ideas spread quickly and exponentially.  Fertile minds are hard to find, but the sheer numbers participating in and paying attention to the Occupy Movement are promising.  The Anti-State works in the arena of ideas, teaching people TO think, rather than WHAT to think.  OWS is an opportunity not to be missed, and it’s probably spread to a city near you.  Get out there.  Pour some gas on the fire.

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2 Responses to OWS: An Anti-State Perspective

  1. Rev. Matthew "Pops" Pittaway December 19, 2011 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi Bill,
    I left home when I was 16, and worked at many jobs and ran my own businesses from 1973-present. I have seen the government grow too big and the economy tank, govt. waste and all the rest. However I have learned in 35 years of hands on interaction all over the USA that people are sheep. They want to be lead. They gather under leaders they trust. This will not change.
    If people were bright like you and I anarchy would work; they are not. So they will follow whomever leads. Unfortunately lazy con men see this and get into leadership by droves.
    This reality shows me we need good men and women to work to be leaders.

    SO true government is evil, a growing cancer, etc; but LIMITED govt. has been proven to be a necessary evil for now. The question is WHAT KIND of limited govt, and how to keep it limited?
    You are not smarter than Washington and Jefferson et al. They already died on their cross making our govt. and constitution and bill of rights. It worked great for centuries; accept their foundational work and move on; anarchists cannot help America by reinventing the wheel or removing it altogether (anarchy); Just fix the flat.
    And so it has always been and will always be; people need good leaders. However even good honest fair leaders are not the full answer, because people being sheep are easily led astray by selfish narcissistic leaders. SO we have a war; a war that has gone on for thousands of years; the war between good and evil.

    If a large group of citizens woke up, rallied against corruption and marched, teamed up and lobbied, they could change the government for good. What will motivate them? No WHO will motivate them is the question. And does every working class mom and dad have the time to search the news and watch what is going on to make good decisions? Of course not; so they elect ones they trust called representatives to oversee the roads, defense etc.

    So in conclusion any rational person will see this capitalistic democratic republic was a perfect form, but the lazy few got into govt. and taxed the hustlers and so we have cancerous bloat and fiscal idiocy. Burning down town hall is not the answer; it is a lazy sorry escape into non-thinking that has been tried and proven a real bummer.

    We need simple limited govt. and an informed citizenry. What we have is a bloated oppressive government and a disgruntled ignorant oppressed populace. Let us not throw out the baby, the bath water and the entire bathroom and house. A simple serious remodel and taking out of the trash is all we need young people. Tax the richest 5% a tidy 70% – 90% and hire folks with that money to audit every single damn govt. office in every state capitol AND every one in Washington starting with the Fed Res. I am an unemployed Mensan and a math wiz; I’d be glad to go to work now. Pops – HisHouseMedia.com 720-422-8934

  2. Bill December 19, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    I will first say that my statement about pouring some gas on the fire was purely metaphorical, despite its later being pulled out of context on The Blaze, and perhaps motivating your statement about burning down town hall. As I would hope the rest of the piece implies, I do not advocate “burning down town hall,” but instead, spreading the message of a voluntary society to others. I oppose the state on a moral basis first. I certainly back that opposition with practical arguments, but those are always secondary to the my moral opposition.

    What is government, sir? I contend that government is a myth. There is no such thing as “government,” in the light that the vast majority of people have been programmed to see it. There is only a band of looters and tyrants, who, after being voted in by the very people you speak of as being stupid sheep, have access to the biggest (and often ONLY) guns. The state is a tyrannical game of Who Hold the Gun. The state is force; monopolized, aggressive, and preemptive.

    Worse than that, the myth that is government is perpetuated by the worst type of sheep of all. That type is the subcategory that you belong to. It is the type of sheep that consider themselves among the brightest, yet cannot find their way out of the mental paradigm that they have always been, and probably will always be, stuck in. You have learned that others are sheep, but only when you realize that you are but a more informed sheep will you make true progress.

    I cannot speak to my intelligence relative to “Washington and Jefferson, et al,” and you, sir, certainly cannot. What I can tell you is that the apparatus put in place by America’s founders, in its enumeration of negative rights, was the single greatest effort in history at restraining the power of a state. Yet it failed miserably. The constitution they implemented restrained could not even restrain the US government through the term of its second president!

    Once a monopoly on force is granted, there is no restraining that power. You think your ideas are swell, and others believe that their opposing ideas are better. The question to the statist is, who holds the gun? You also speak of advocacy of a voluntary society as a “lazy sorry escape into non-thinking that has been tried and proven a real bummer.” I argue that the lazy and sorry escape is the obstinate advocacy of what has TRULY been tried and “proven a real bummer” since the beginning of time: the state.

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