Acts of Artistic Terrorism – Rebel Inc.

When a work of art pulls feelings and thoughts out of us that we couldn’t successfully express before, it is truly a self-revolutionary moment. It lends a hand in finding our own voices.  Sometimes we encounter another person’s artistic expression and it seems to say exactly what we’ve been trying to find words for and suddenly, we know exactly how to express ourselves. Art in every form can be a driving force behind societal norms and shifts, it can be propaganda intended to deceive the masses into false beliefs, it can be a truth so brazen and inspiring that it spurs a revolution, it can be everywhere in between.

   Rebel Inc. is often called a political band, I don’t really believe “political” is exactly the correct term, they’re anti-political. Rebel Inc. is based in Maryland, USA and initially started around 2000 but all four current members were not present until 2010. Rebel Inc is comprised of Adam on vocals, Kevin on guitar, Benny on bass and Brian on drums. Their sound spans the entire rock spectrum.  From punk to alternative to metal and everywhere between, Rebel Inc can deliver flawlessly.  Rebel Inc’s most notable features are probably powerful guitar, raw lyrics, pure energy and undeniable truth in performance.

They self-released their first EP in March 2009; every song on the album has been played on terrestrial radio in multiple states in the USA, as well as Canada and Australia and has received great reviews throughout North America and Europe. “Killin’ the Future” is featured on A Soundtrack for Refusal, a compilation album featuring Tom Morello, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Ryan Harvey, and many more great artists to benefit the Civilian-Soldier Alliance. The second album is due for release in spring 2012.

Rebel Inc seems to constantly be on the road touring, getting audiences to fall in love with them. They have played over 100 different venues in 15 states, US military bases with the sponsorship of Iraq Veterans Against the War, played Seattle Hempfest in 2011 and have played with Seether, Fuel,  Anti-Flag, Cold, Kottonmouth Kings, Otep, Hed PE, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Psychostick, Green Jelly, Nashville Pussy and dozens of local acts in many areas.

I have seen several reviewers call Rebel Inc “high energy” that really doesn’t describe their performance adequately. Rebel Inc’s album is fantastic, I own it myself and my teenagers blare it on a regular basis, but Rebel Inc live is explosive, many have stated that Rebel Inc must be seen live and that is absolutely accurate. I’ve yet to see or hear any recorded media that truly does their performance justice. Their stage presence is awesome, all the passion, anger, hate and love that goes into their music transfers out to the crowd. They are ALL over the place on stage; Adam is often spotted off the stage in with the crowd. I saw Rebel Inc. in Columbus, OH in October, 2011. The crowd was very small, the venue was brand new to the band, and it didn’t make a difference, they put on the same show they would (and have) for a crowd of 100,000. Their music was clean and together, there is no garage band quality about them, they’re very much professional grade musicians. They clearly love playing and performing and most definitely served to impress in Columbus, the crowd demanded another song at the end of the set. And of course, Rebel Inc delivered.

Through discussion with band members, I have come to know beyond a doubt that these guys are in it for the message. Above all else it seems to me that Rebel Inc hopes their fans will leave with a hunger for change, the desire to think freely and the balls to take control of their own lives and minds, hence my calling this “artistic terrorism”. Rebel Inc is definitely a threat to the system in the worst possible way — they seek to open minds and spread truth and love.


For more information on Rebel Inc attend the show nearest you and check out the following links:

Rebel Inc website







**********Edited to add:**********

Rebel Inc’s equipment trailer was stolen by dirty, thieving scoundrels. Please donate a few dollars to help them get another one and make touring easier!  

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  1. Pete Eyre December 20, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    Awesome write-up Valerie! I totally concur with your sentiment.

    For those not-yet in the know, there’s a fundraising campaign to raise 1000FRNs to get the guys a new trailer:

    If you care about the rebel brothers and sharing the ideas of liberty through this powerful medium please consider giving.

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