Why Iran Is NOT a Threat

   This article is a response to one that someone forwarded me on US planes bombing Iran, and how Iran will raise gas prices. If you’re really for truth don’t fall for the government’s nonsense, people make things up as they go to fit their own agenda.

   Yes, the article was dead on about Gingrich’s foreign policy, however, Gingrich is puppet, I don’t think anyone here can say otherwise with a straight face. However, Iran does not make high octane gas in any real amount. In fact, Iran lacks the production capabilities to make any large quantity of petrol product. The fact is that Iran imports most of its Petrol from other countries and that is what the US puppets like Bachman and Santoram wish to embargo. This of course only makes the Iranians more sympathetic to real terrorist groups. You see, this is why I rarely listen to infowars ; half of nearly every article is an obvious ringer, and the rest is straight up bull.

   What Iran can do is raise their oil prices in terms of crude, this will not make much of a noticeable impact here in the US as we do not import oil from Iran. Iran does export oil to other countries, just not those that bomb the hell out of them. The stance our government has taken on ‘freeing Iran’ from dictatorships (dictatorships that the US government put there by the way) on the sole premise that they are using their resources poorly is foolish and ignorant. They know this, so they start claiming that Iran is developing nuclear capabilities… it worked as an excuse for Iraq didn’t it?  …Moving on…

   The idea that we can impose sanctions on Iran is asinine. Their biggest customers are Asia, China, Europe, and Japan. The Eurozone might try to follow some sanction against Iran via US mandate, but I somewhat doubt it as Iran is a major exporter to them. Japan might do so as well, but I doubt the same for the same reasons. In short, the idea of embargoing something is nonsensical. This means that we can only embargo by refusing US trade with Iran. Anyone wonder what a ridiculously low amount of goods we sell to Iran? Less than 4% of their total imported goods. Basically this is a really, really dumb thing. Still people seem to believe it….

   So we bomb them. At least that’s what we have been doing. In modern US history we either pay for a dictator to stay in power (as long as they give us what we want), or we attack them on the grounds of terrorism.



Lets add some realism here.



   Iran does indeed have a lot of oil, but little else. They have little metals and rely a lot on countries like China to export to them. They have few sources of water. Being as such, it is not hard to see why they keep a good chunk of oil for themselves as it’s all they really have. Due to this lack of other materials, it is hard to build any real kind of refineries. Thus, they depend on natural gas and oil to provide them with the energy they need, they lack the resources to move to alternative forms of energy. It is only logical that they use nuclear energy. When a plant is up, running and operating safely, it is one of the cleanest energy sources you can get, you just have to figure out ways to properly dispose of spent fuel rods – especially with the resources they have on hand.

   Enter fear mongers like Newt, Bachman and the other twisted degenerates looking to play God. They hear the word nuclear and it’s time for Iraq II. The fact of the matter is that they either can’t read, or can’t stand the idea of any other country on earth wanting to be it’s own master outside of the US. In terms of its national monetary policy, Iran has less impoverished people than the US does. They have a balanced budget, something the US has not had since about the 1930’s.

    Are they a free people? No, we saw to that in the mid 1950’s and have threatened war upon them if they overthrow what we set up. In short, the country of Iran is doing the best they can with what they have. The US only wants to control them because it has not the nerve to face the backlash of a successful revolution in Iran. After 50+ years of intervention, it is uncertain what new leadership the people of Iran will allow. One thing I can say for certain is that the more we mess with them, the more of a chance there is of someone getting into power next that will want vengeance.

   And remember, no one needed a nuclear bomb to bring the US toward a dictatorship on 9-11. The moral of the story is clear – don’t buy into the fear mongering and religious nuts who say that we must commit action against Iran. When people tell you that you have more to fear from our own government than you do Iran – they are correct.

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