Madness: The Construct of the American Empire


It took long enough but it is finally out – Madness: The Construct of the American Empire. It is in essence an explanation on why the American Empire failed, and why most people are so far oblivious to its collapse.

When the colonists first won the war against England, a good many of them were too trusting in their leaders to ensure that their freedoms were maintained.  Not everyone supported the new government, and some were even jailed for speaking against it. The new government was not even in agreement on much of anything, and struggled for years to increase its power. All for the ‘protection of liberties’ and the ‘safety and welfare of the people’ of course.

In that crucial moment in time, things happened to the colonists in the only way they could. Their achievements and hard work were usurped ‘for the betterment of all’. Taxes began to seep in at an alarming rate. It became a crime to question the authorities. The police force was started as was the new army.

Over 200 years later we look at those times and think about how much progress we made. Many thank the government because without them we wouldn’t have roads apparently. Many think of the quality of life so many enjoy – food, heating and air-conditioning, running water, cars, computers, phones – would not exist without government. Yet all of these came not from government but from the private sector – even the internet.

Enforcing this idea is the one blatant lie that I hear at least once a day = The United States of America.

What is this unity? It cannot be of ideals for everyone has different ones. It cannot be of religion for we all have our own. It cannot be of the American dream for we all dream differently. And nor can it be for freedom, for a good portion of America has come to detest that most sacred of all ideals.

The unity is nothing more than an illusion. Therefore the empire that is America can be nothing more – an illusion. Ever wonder why the FED chairman (whoever they might be) talks about the importance of belief in the dollar? Ever wonder why every political party has some kind of system they believe in, and why they never work? The dollar is failing rapidly, and the governments only answer to its mountains of failures is ‘we just need more’. It is just proof that a belief in something does not make it a reality.

Madness: describes the underlining philosophies that drive policy making in the United States, and turns them on their head. Exposing how the governing bodies have so poorly kept their constituents informed as to these philosophies, it removes the rhetoric and replaces it with a healthy dose of reality. Taking the way politics has twisted reality using fancy wordplay and empty promises, it destroys the perception that the State is not the answer to what ails America, but rather the cause of it. With the use of history it tells of how the continuance of common knowledge has failed, and opens the readers eyes to what has really been going on, and why the government has failed.

Seriously – this is something everyone should read if they truly believe that America is an Empire that will last through 2012.


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