My Fellow Libertarians

We all started life as children with open minds ready and willing to learn whatever we were taught by our parents and other persons of authority and we did so readily no matter how absurd or irrational we later discovered many of our lessons to be. This is of course how we are biologically engineered and it has certainly contributed to mankind’s ascencion to the top of the food chain but it also has it’s own consequences.


Most of us were raised with parents and around people who associated either with so called conservative or liberal ideaologies, some passionately believing in their chosen political convictions, others being more fairweather and caring little about politics at all and just merely trying to get by day after day. I believe it’s safe for me to say that those of you who understand and hold dear the concepts of the Non-Aggression Principle, and the philosophy of liberty are not in any of these camps. Truth be told, in order to become a libertarian one has to think and they certainly have to care. Have you observed that those who label themselves such titles as Republican or Democrat can’t seem to fully agree on much of anything even among people in their own political party? The definition of what it means to be a Republican or a Democrat is becoming more vague by the day and you can see very little difference anymore between individuals in public office from both parties. The outcome from voting and electing either party into power achieves results no different from the other. We still have a National Debt which will debase and bankrupt the United States as well as other countries already falling like dominos. We have legislation being passed on a monthly basis that severely cripples our natural rights and even threaten the lives of the population the government is supposedly here to protect. And yet, who aside from us is crying foul?


Yes, calling out the government. Being right when the government is wrong is as we know, extremely dangerous, and they do and will continue to do everything in their power to make us look crazy and insane. Their view of us is nothing less than hoodlums stirring up trouble in an otherwise bleak and conforming neighborhood. This doesn’t bother us, many of us see it as a good thing, we’re being heard and we must be doing something right to get their attention. Most of us understand that the truest form of patriotism is a healthy spirit of resistance, and we feel better knowing that we’re in the fight to make the world a better place, not just for us but for our descendants as well. Unfortunately however, the ridicule doesn’t just come from the government, as I’m sure alot of you are aware.


I have personally been ridiculed by members of my own famiy, I have lost friendships and been harassed at work when anyone catches wind of my chosen philosophy. I have been ostracized by many and labeled crazy, simply for having a non conformist political philosophy. When you think about it, it’s downright rediculous. But when you take into account that from the cradle to the grave the majority of people in this world are taught that the conformist and mainstream virtues of self sacrafice and obedience are the highest forms of morality it makes sense. We are brave, libertarians. We have to be, against insurmountable odds and ridicule. Whether you label yourselves Constitutional Conservatives, Libertarians, Anarcho-Individualists, Agorists, Voluntaryists, Anarcho-Capitalists or any other libertarian camp you are a step in the right direction.

Those that ridicule us typically hold onto their world views simply because it’s all they’ve ever known. They do not understand how limited government or no government at all can provide us with peace, freedom and prosperity because they have been brought up and indoctrinated into their beliefs. Their minds are often closed to other possibilities.

Yes even among ourselves we have our disagreements, but we have one thing the others do not, and that is a foundation. We stand on the same principle across the board, the Non-Aggression Principle. We all cherish and understand the importance of voluntaryism, of personal freedom and choice. When others look upon us they will know we are libertarians because of these principles. Where other political philosophies can’t see eye to eye with eachother at least we actually stand for something.


To be a libertarian is to understand the importance of truth, even when it’s uncomfortable to deal with. We most certainly do not put our heads in the sand, we see the problems with today’s society and approach them head on. Anyone can get by being in one of the mainstream political parties and not even paying attention to the world around them. They can be blissfully ignorant of the events that shape our world, paying attention only to their jobs and the things they buy with them. This is where we are different and why we know we are right. One need not look too hard to discover that inside every libertarian is a fiery will, a desire to make the world a better place, a freer place, a more prosperous place for ourselves and generations yet unborn. We actually care about our world and the people living in it. This is the major difference between us and other political camps. We can indeed see the forest through the trees.

It’s been said that you can always observe a Republican or a Democrat converting to libertarianism but you never see the reverse. Once you know, you cannot unknow.


So stand tall libertarians, even in the face of ridicule, for if the world can be saved it will no doubt be those who cared enough to change it that will have done so. If our posterity should one day look back at our world as it once was perhaps they will thank us for doing what was neccesary to secure them a future.

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