To Defend Freedom – Part 1

DHS – Do not arrest me for writing this – that would be most uncouth. I am merely sharing my knowledge of the art of defense in case of an attack from anyone on the US. In short, this essay is the first of many of me keeping the only part of my oath that I see as worth keeping – Against all enemies – foreign AND domestic. I define enemy as being one initiating force against me to take away what little rights I have left.

Defense is a freedom we have from our humanity that never gets talked about much. Some people give up their freedom of defense and place it into the hands the government. Some people see defense as something that can solely be accomplished on an individual level. Others still see it as something they can simply pay someone else to do and that will be enough. All of these are highly flawed points.

To start with, the individual can only defend themselves against relatively level odds. Sure a gun is great toward this end, but that’s only the beginning. If anyone wishes to remain free in the long run, they must understand at every level, the mechanics of defense. If you’re in favor of a government run defense, then this is not for you – save yourself the time, and read more about how well they have accomplished this so far on FOX or CNN or something. We strive for more realistic approaches here.

Last thing I will say before I get into it is that you don’t need to be a freakin super hero to aid in defense in the case of a larger body invading your space. The armed forces employee millions of people; less than a quarter of them actually fight. Not everyone is mentally or physically geared toward actual fighting, but have other ways to aid in defense – i.e. supply, communications, medical support, transportation, information etc. Just because you may not be a fighter does not mean that you are worthless in terms of defense. If it makes you feel any better, most US military ‘servicemen’ are not geared toward it either – only through stiff training do a good amount of them become even mediocre. The odds are not that bad – trust me. Now let’s get to it.

What needs to be understood is that there are two scenarios that freedom loving people will have to come to accept as being highly possible if they are to understand these principles. The first would be a foreign invasion – a fight brought to our door step from the outside. The second would be our own government continuing on the same path that it has been on pretty much since its inception. In this case, it will become a most difficult monster to battle as a divided society would be choosing sides. It has been so long since war has shown its ugly face on ‘US soil’ that it would bring out the worst in people. I hope it never comes to that.

In either case, the first principle to know is simple yet highly important – pay attention. Know your own backyard. Know who you can trust and who you can’t. Know where you can run to if you have to or where you can best set in and fight. Know who you are fighting, and be ever aware of not acting in excess or you will create more collateral than you want on your conscience. Know yourself – what you can do. Know your enemy through observation – their routines, their methods, and their technology. In short, open your eyes and keep note of things. This is the first and most important step as knowledge and preparedness is the enemy of fear.

The second is to be prepared. Have secondary sources of information and communication that are off grid. Have ammo, food, and other assorted supplies (ropes, cables, batteries etc.) saved up – just try to do so quietly or the DHS and other assorted agencies will be down your throat. Using the knowledge you gain from the above stated principle, you will be able to better prepare with a little foresight. I would highly recommend having plans in place on what action to take if a certain threshold is breached. This means knowing when to stay and fight, and when to run – again an extension of the previously mentioned principal. Finally, make sure that whatever supplies you have is enough to hold you over as best you can, and that the equipment you have is functioning properly. Waiting until the last minute to prepare or act is a fool’s game.

Find others who share your love of freedom and train. This can encompass something as simple as a day at the range to hone your aim, to a day of battle drills during a game of paintball which is surprisingly accurate for most cases. This can be difficult in some cases. For instance, I live in a place of large deep seated government that is for the most part accepted as being needed even when they f*&^ up on a massive scale. This means that it is difficult at best to find others to train with on a reasonable scale. If you are interested, hit me up.

I said earlier that “I would highly recommend having plans in place on what action to take if a certain threshold is breached”. This is probably the hardest out of all the points. Act to soon, and you risk endangering yourself, those around you, or worse – a potential ally. Act too late, and you end up dead, in a prison camp, or living in conditions worse than you could have previously imagined. Once again, you need to pay attention. IE – if someone is trying to confiscate your gun or food, or arrest you for their possession, than you probably waited too long as soon you will be disarmed. Had you been keeping up with local news, then you would know that they will be coming for your firearms, and that its best to either high tail it out, or get your group together and make a stand somewhere. You get the idea.

This is the very beginning and the most basic things I will be writing on the matter. I hope that people take it seriously, but if not, then it means that I am in the wrong place anyway and should probably take my 2 cents to a place where it would be better used. It is a shame I have to even write this because the ones who were originally charged with this responsibility have long since turned their back on freedom, and instead embraced political favor. I don’t know who said it first, but someone said ‘if the troops really are interested on defending freedom and tyranny, then why do they work for an entity that endorses neither?’

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