To Defend Freedom – Part 2: Mental Preparedness

This is the last essay in regards to preparation for being attacked that does not directly relate to action. Most readers are peace loving people, and as such never give much thought to the realities involved in an actual, large scale defensive situation. The reality is that the situation will suddenly become less than ideal, and the mental and physical stresses will take their toll if you do not know what to expect, or have some idea of what outcome would be truly ideal. I have written this essay to explain it as best as I could. If I had more feedback, I could tailor it a lot more, but for now, am stuck with general rules of thumb.

1 – Believe in what you stand for. If you do not, than you will find yourself fearful, uncertain, or both. Know how much you are willing to back up your belief. This will help you determine when it is worth it to make a stand, or when to be passive or submissive (and going to jail is submissive – sorry, you’re not proving anything – it has been happening for decades now, and has not changed a thing…once again – sorry).

2 – Know what you stand for and have an end goal in mind. The colonists on the whole fought against what they deemed as a tyrant. Yet because they did not understand how tyrannies begin, or the nature and events that breed them, they merely laid the ground work to have another established. History is riddled with examples of this, and gives us ample reason to educate ourselves, and encourage others to do likewise. If this is not done, then no amount of fighting even in defense will ever change anything.

3 – Fighting is not reason but rather a lack of it. Reasonable people will sit down, act like adults, and work out a mutually beneficial end. Empires and Nations however show an extreme lack of reason by acting like a ticked off six-year old who just lost a game of monopoly and knocks over the board as a result. So do not expect them to act as you would. Keep in mind that there are a good many people who support the nation or empire to great extents, and they are equally as unreasonable. Never forget though that violence is last resort only, and 9 times out of 10 will only make things worse.

4 – If you cannot find others who show a genuine concern and readiness to defend their own freedom against the rule of others without their consent, then it is a bad idea to try to make a stand. Do not expect people to suddenly agree that you were right and stand with you – they will be the first ones to turn you in for a favor. This is why it is important to know this kind of thing before anything really happens – remember the golden rule – Pay Attention!

5 – Be ready for the unexpected feeling you get when things suddenly start getting hard. You will be insulted by the audacity of those who seek to control you. You will be apprehensive of the force they are willing to show. You will be uncertain of what to do.


When people see displays of force such as armored vehicles and troops in full combat load looking like they just want to ruin someone’s day, they often get edgy. This is understandable because the people know darn well they are less equipped and trained for an encounter. Another factor is that the people are not sure exactly what the big threat is – seeing none, they instinctively know that it’s not a foreign invasion the troops are there to squash – but them should they get out of line.

This feeling is greatly compounded by a mixed sense of hatred. After all, the armed officials are not there to protect them, but rather the infrastructure of their handlers that caused the issue to begin with. On the same token the uncertainty factor kicks in on many fronts. What do the people do should the officials start using force against them? How long can they hold out peacefully while the officials sit in guard of the machine that is bleeding them dry? Finally, how can they turn the minds of the officials against the machine they guard?

I mention this as it is important to remember that fighting on any level outside of a fist fight here and there is not as simple as all that. Emotion and immediate issues tend to make people forget all but the present, and they only see what’s on the surface.

It’s called a show of force, and in the end they mean nothing. It is not meant to deliberately harm, but rather to cause uncertainty and imbalance in the locality. If you stop to think about it, a group of people (no matter how well armed) standing in a loose perimeter around an armored vehicle is not that bad of an opponent at all – certainly not one to be afraid of. The reality is that you do not fear them per say, but rather the sheer size and scope of what they represent. You think that if they cross a line, and you engage them in defense, that more will come – find you, and kill you. Either way, you feel fear and or apprehension.

The whole point of that was to put you in some kind of mind set of what can happen. Are you ready to see armored vehicles patrolling your streets with checkpoints at all major intersection and at every major shopping and travel hub? Chances are you will still be surprised when it first happens – just ask the Iraqi’s.

That is okay though. Fear is the thing that tells you that something is wrong, and keeps you from acting outside of your current abilities. The more you train and prepare, the less you will fear. The more you understand why it got to that point, the easier it will be to set your lines in the sand so to speak. As long as you control your fear, and learn to push it down when the times come, you will come out alright.

It is okay to be angry – you are angry for a reason; just don’t let your anger be your rationale.

This is the last essay I will be writing on the mindset of defense. The truth is nothing can truly prepare you, and that everyone will feel different on it anyway.   Just remember to breath, remember your reason, and never allow the results of your efforts to be given to others – if you do, then you have forgotten your reason.

The last thing I will say (and I will catch a lot of flak for this but that is okay), is that Voltaire was wrong on one count. If you stand up for others right to say what they want, and what they are saying naturally leads to just another misguided or wrong form of rule, then you do nothing more than to fight for the new tyranny. The idea that fighting for someone who advocates openly for a system that requires the enslavement of others is one that has shown to result in failure time and time again. When put into action it is a blatant disregard to reason, leads to corruption, and enables the wrong type of opportunists to gain power.

In short, stand with others only of like mind, and let others stand for theirs, or you and your efforts will be rendered meaningless. Some people are okay with their lives meaning nothing, but I am not one of those people.

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