The Trouble in Libya

Not too long ago in Libya the country was in major turmoil (more than usual I mean). There was a massive stand against the dictator Gadhafi . A quick recap – we put him there. Anyway, the public turned against him and things eventually got violent. On the request of the UN, the POTUS decided to bomb Libya to aid the rebels without bothering to ask congress what they thought.

One of the reasons no one wanted to directly take out Gadhafi was that no one knew exactly who would take his place. Taking out a dictator is simple – keeping a new or worse thing from replacing them is a whole other ball game. Like always, the US indirectly backed another new power that they could be fairly sure would not make the bully look like a joke.

Of course some extremists got together in enough numbers to kill the US ambassador and several other people – and then take pictures with his dead body. Some people like to make the claim that the US deserved it for getting involved. We killed them and put in a new power over the one that we created awhile back anyway – is turnabout fair play? Well yes and no.

On the surface the US should never have been involved. Involvement in the past has always led to long term retribution – why should this time be any different? As is always the case, the answer is in the past.

In the mid 1980’s the US finally had a chance to pull away from the insanity that inhabited that arena. The fighting had ceased, and what was left promised to remain in its isolated region with no way of spreading to any mentionable extent. Some like Ron Paul encouraged this. He was laughed at of course – the same mindset that prevails today also did back then. In short, the chance was blown and the US spent the next 20 years adding powder to a keg that they knew damn well was unstable.

To say that the events and people involved in 9-11 was completely unrelated to Libya, Pakistan, and all of the surrounding countries is ignorant at best. Heck, it’s why Gadhafi was put in charge – the US knew that despite being a dictator, he was a good meat shield against the monster we carelessly nurtured in Afghanistan.

For reasons I am unsure of at this point (I know it has a lot to do with funding and yes – a marriage) – Saudi Arabia even got involved. Pakistan was already involved as it inherited part of Afghanistan that was sectioned off decades earlier – it is not of a surprise to anyone that they willfully sheltered Bin Laden. In short – all of this is highly connected, and highly relevant.

The point is that over the last 30 years, what started as a fairly localized infighting of religious extremists received a global platform – as well as exposure to the outside world. In addition, we made a target of ourselves.

As the years went on, one poor policy after another made things even worse and now things are far worse than most would ever believe. After the soviets moved out, the Taliban which we aided as allies against the Russians began a religious war on their own people. Like most religions (or rather a take on one) that call for the killing of non-believers, it became as much about zeal as it did terror. It got so bad that the US ended up taking sides with the same style regimes that the Russians initially supported in the attempt to keep their monster in a cage. By the late 90’s the Taliban was ousted from power and another power was installed – and the two would fight on a near constant basis. Pakistan would end up being involved which is why the US provided aid to Israel earlier on in the conflict – another meat-shield.

Unfortunately as in all large scale operations, you get rats and pikers involved. Political rats, uniformed rats, any brand you could think of. Pikers who want to make a name for themselves as a national hero by killing as many as they can with no provocation. Before you know it, the force that was initially intended to fight violent crafty people, is now halfway just as bad. All it takes is a handful of evidence damning the US troops etc., and suddenly, the extremists recruiting numbers sky rocket no longer through terror, but through gang mentality. It is at this point, that any hope of containment is long gone = and the US reached that point over 7 years ago.

What it now comes down to is that the use of military force is no longer able to contain the monster – and the monster is now to big to deny it’s existence. We have seen it in multiple attacks on US embassies. We have seen it in anti-US protests world-wide. It is now at a point where a lot of people are going to be very greatly shocked at what happens next, and yet they refuse to see it.

The difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is that a freedom fighter has a sense of morals – which is typically why they side with freedom. A terrorist on the other hand fights with no morals, will kill an innocent as readily as a combatant – will threaten their own people. The thing that really makes a terrorist dangerous though is that they have evolved to look as a freedom fighter – and readily support many anti-war groups which is why the FBI often gets involved. This is why I make my circles very small – I know who I invite in and who I do not. The bigger you make your ‘worldwide circle’ the more you invite trouble’ – and do not for one second mistake propaganda for truth – rest assured – Osama’s many speeches on US action are no different than the same rhetoric used by Hitler. Both claimed to be oppressed – took some ready example of how – left out the actions they were taking behind the scenes, and played the poor picked on us card. The result is devastating.

I am not saying by any means that going balls out in War is the solution – it’s not. The solution is far more simple and far cheaper. We leave you alone – you leave us alone. Here is our line – cross it and you will be crushed – stay on your side, and we can co-exist. Stay out of our affairs, and we will stay out yours.

The rest is all a matter of individual interest as always. Had passengers, pilots, etc. been armed – 9-11 would never have happened and all of this would be a non-issue (regardless of how you view the events that were 9-11). If people were not so scared, ignorant, and emotionally driven, a knee jerk reaction never would have happened, and all of this would still be a non-issue.

All I am saying is to take a lesson from the past, learn from it – and let knowledge and preparedness be your defense – not another entangling war.  If you think the situation is over in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, or Iraq, you are only kidding yourself, and on the very near future see how wrong you were. The peaceful people who are trying to keep hold of things are rapidly falling victim to either a governing authority or to the terrorists – a reason why I avoid both, seek to understand them, and know how to deal with them when they come. Studying how to handle extreme situations does not make you an un-peaceful person, and it would behoove people to start taking it a little more seriously.





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