A Response to Adams Critics, Blogger Lilyea, and His Arrest

I need to address another blogger by the name of Lilyea whose words were featured in the Washington Times condemning Adam Kokesh – and many others who apparently have a knack of shooting their mouths off before investigating something.

In the first paragraph from the blogger Lilyea, they kind of rail Adam for being arrested for attending an event that encouraged others to break the law (despite admitting that he himself did nothing wrong) – citing that he knew he was encouraging illegal actions. Never once did this blogger have the brains or the honesty to admit that the law itself was never agreed upon by those who are ‘by law’ – forced to follow it. In short – it is not a moral law, but one enacted to pacify special interest groups and to allow ‘law enforcement’ to grow their ranks. Nice try jack-ass.

In the second paragraph, Lilyea points out that Adam was rightfully arrested before for putting up anti war posters in the National Park. First of all, these posters caused harm to no one and nothing. Second of all, they had the purpose of getting people to examine more of the facts so that they could hold their officials accountable for their actions. It is absolutely pathetic that Lilyea sees this as an offense of any kind.

Even more disturbing is that this blogger accuses the judges who handled Adams earlier offenses as being gutless for not punishing him to the full extent of the law, and that is the reason why Adam is now ‘a monster’.

Now this one in particular made me sick. Adam has never done anything wrong to hurt, steal from, or lie about another – and yet somehow, this Blogger feels that not only was his earlier arrests justified, but that THE JUDGES DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH.  I think it’s funny watching an internet flunky attacking someone who never did anything wrong except encouraging people to think. Oh no – he is dancing and talking – arrest this dangerous man! Grow up!

Where are the racist posters etc. that Adam put up??? Were they really racist and ‘anti-muslim’, or were they posters expressing concern over a certain issue that actually presented a clear danger? Given the tone of this blogger, it was probably an anti-Obama poster.

Finally, this mentally incompetent nanny stater claims that Adam is not for the second amendment, but only a militant rabble rouser. First of all, it seems more than a little ridiculous to accuse a person who has never harmed (or advocated harm) upon another, as being militant. Being that Adam is very personable, and goes to question vs intimidate makes me wonder if this blogger is not confused with a different Adam Kokesh.

But yes, he is absolutely a rabble rouser, and that is one of the reasons I support him – IAM PART OF THE RABBLE! People like Lilyea are either incapable, or unwilling to accept anything that does not fit their own beliefs, and instead living and let live – goes on a crusade to demolish that other persons rights.

It is BECAUSE OF THIS that Adam does what he does. Because without Adam and those like him – people like Lilyea would continue to rule the roost with their pathetic, ignorant, arrogant babble.

It’s funny. First Adam Kokesh is arrested for the sole charge of resisting arrest, and then they add the charge to assaulting a federal officer. First of all, none of the 3 videos I have seen of the entire issue (up to and including the arrest) show any attempt to resist arrest – let alone the supposed ‘assault on a Federal Officer’.

Yet this is all old news about this time, and covered very well by James Cox, George Donnelly, and the administrator to Adams page ‘Adam VS the MAN’. Each of their pages already has multiple videos of the whole issue from start to finish, and are they best sources for up to date information on this mess.

So to the other of Adams Critics I say this:

First of all, yes, Adam is an attention getter. However it kills me to watch people completely ignore his message and his actions in their entirety, and instead claim he does so only for his personal benefit.

To those of you out there of this opinion, consider this: His actions have not made him rich one bit – nor have they done him any favors from the powers that be. He spends his waking moments standing up for his beliefs using not blind rhetoric and slogans, but reason and knowledge (taking up time to answer his critics not with rants but with detailed explanations – which is more than the MSM ever does). He has been to prison on a number of occasions now despite having hurt no one, stolen from, or killed anyone. Yet somehow people are seeing him as an attention seeker looking only after himself.

In fact what separates Adam from so many others, is that he gets away from the keyboard, and actually ACTS. I see many of his critics upset that he chooses not to be an arm chair patriot, but rather a man of word AND action. How so many so called lovers of freedom can make such a claim and still say they are helping, and that those like Adam are hurting, belies an extreme lack of realism, intellectual dishonesty, and sheer laziness. Sometimes I wonder how they live with themselves.

The question was asked ‘What sense does this form of activism make?’ The answer is that it will not make sense to everyone = but rather only to those who see past the rhetoric, lies, extortion, manipulation, and have been directly affected by it. People like Adam, James, George, and even myself have all either been arrested or had a warrant for our arrest for not doing anything wrong morally, but simply by disobeying an unjust law.

Most people have so completely forgotten how to think and reason what is right and wrong on their own, that the instant the TV or the government says that someone is wrong – they automatically join the bandwagon.

Adam makes perfect sense by showing this nonsense for what it is on a constant basis. He is not doing it to get personal attention. He is doing it to show people what they have long forgotten – and that is that if humanity is to escape the spiral they are in, they need to start thinking for themselves after examining all the facts instead of being constantly deceived into following and supporting their ‘leaders’ with little or no investigation of the sources for themselves.

Of course many people hate this. Even many of the so called patriots and tea partiers will get in lock step with what they are told, showing their own true colors by protesting someone who is trying to help them instead of  using the same failed armchair method so many are in love with today.

The sad fact is that most people are perfectly content with complaining and slogan chanting – but when it comes to something that might make things temporarily worse for the long term gain, they turn yellow and side with the very same system they complain against.

My honest belief is that many people just don’t seem to be mentally capable of understanding the fact that if any real change is to be made, then they actually have to put their money where their mouth is as oppose to just sitting around whining like an errant toddler.





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