Interview with Stephan Kinsella – Why Man Made Law Is Slavery!

I interviewed Stephan Kinsella a patent attorney in regards to “law.” My personal thoughts on “law” is that it is a group of people that get together and force the will on everyone by putting it on paper and calling it “legislation,” “statutes” and/or “ordinances.” They then use the enforces, men and women in “government” costumes, wearing badges and carrying all kinds of torture and murder devices to make you comply to their wills that they wish to force on all of us.

Kinsella raises some great points in the video and we both agree how life should be!

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  1. Copying is not theft | every ones a critic - November 4, 2015

    […] Check out this interview with Stephan Kinsella a patent attorney in regards to “law.”: Why Man Made “Law” IS Slavery. […]

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