The NFL IS Corporate Welfare

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One Response to The NFL IS Corporate Welfare

  1. Zachary October 27, 2015 at 2:05 am #

    Gary North had a good essay outlining how ictullenteals manage to encourage what you refer to as “slavism” as an ongoing mantra.95% (perhaps more, possibly less) of kids are educated in government propaganda factories (“public” ha ha schools). When they come out they are convinced to a man that monopoly government regulators are a necessary encroachment into the marketplace to prevent monopolies. …That “monopolies” are evil…No “economist” in college classrooms will ever tell them the simple fact that monopolies can only come about through parasites called “government” — the greatest and most egregious monopoly of all. That all licensing and virtually all laws and regulations pertaining to the free marketplace are simply barriers to entry. These kids will never see a truly free marketplace, and thus will never grasp that freedom automatically short circuits monopolies.Thus what you’re properly calling “Slavism”.The enormity of the truth is incredible.Sam

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