Open Letter to Donald Sterling

June 13, 2014

Dear Sir,

I am sorry I have not written until now, but it was hard to be interested in a “story” about a man who asks his trophy girlfriend to stop hanging out with young, presumably horny athletes. I admit a mild interest that this gold-digger was able to garner such attention with this nefarious recording and publishing of a private conversation. But I chalked that up to the idiocy of the majority and the fact that the state licensed, regulated and taxed media is highly motivated to distract people from the rampant authoritarianism of the central government-empire.

I have since been shocked at some of the treatment you have received, particularly some clowns calling you mentally unfit because you may or might not like some people. I was pleased when I saw you were going to fight for ownership of the team, though I admit not following the details and having little interest, none really, in the NBA. Now I see you are hiring private investigators to look in to the hypocrisy and other flaws of the people aggressing against your property unjustly. Good for you. Fight hard and fight well. Any doctor that declares someone mentally unfit over this pathetic eavesdropping is obviously incompetent and lacking of any moral code.

Of course, the NBA is racist by mainstream standards. Why are short, fat, white athletes discriminated against on its teams? Tall, thin, black privilege runs rampant in the NBA. While there are black colleges, black radio and television stations, black this and black that, there are no short, white, fat, professional basketball leagues. And, what about the Gingers who are a very small minority but get no affirmative action, no radio stations, and no assurance of participation in basketball at the highest level? Where are the short, fat, Gingers in the NBA, Mr. Sterling?

In short, no pun intended, I wish you well on your quest to obstruct these tyrants in any way possible.


Chris LeRoux


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