The Real Truth about Molyneux’s Alleged Truth of the Israeli-Arab/Muslim Conflict

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Molyneux’s video is a very superficial, one-sided, flat-out erroneous portrayal of the history and situation.

First, there is nothing statist about a group of people wanting to live in a certain place. Peaceful immigration can be depicted as an evil conspiracy, or it can be your “free state project” or “Galt’s Gulch.” The first waves of Jews bought their land from willing sellers, thus establishing its legitimacy regardless of any socialistic, racist claptrap about Arabs-Muslims automatically owning certain land perpetually.

Additionally, the idea that the primary motivation for Zionism was a loss of rabbinical state power in Europe is ludicrous. Zionism was primarily driven by the periodic mass murders of Jews and accompanying oppression they faced across Europe, which goes entirely unmentioned in the video. And although the area in question was never void of Jews and never had a modern Arab-Muslim “state”, the Jews lived only in small numbers and under total domination of the Arab-Muslims and Sharia law. They were often victims of violence and lived under constant oppression, as is normal in any state especially for a so-different minority. When the Jews started moving in to the area and buying land, a backlash was to be expected. Regardless, it is inaccurate and dishonest to portray these voluntarily purchased lands as anything but justly acquired.

The fact is the locals thought the land was worthless, thought it could not be made fertile. The Jews proved them wrong and so the locals regretted selling, were jealous of these more successful and prosperous immigrants and didn’t like their very different culture and social system living next to theirs. So they tried to steal the land back. They launched many aggressive attacks on Jewish settlements prior to the British and UN interventions, contrary to Molyneux’s assertions. These attacks led the newly settled Jews to seek some form of collective defense, just as pretty much every other modern society has done. It is unfortunate they didn’t stick to an anarchistic defense and instead sought a state but that is where history was and is at unfortunately.

Further, the British were hardly Zionists as Molyneux implies. They fought against the immigration of the vast majority of Jews seeking sanctuary from the WWII fallout. None of the European nations wanted them and they were not given back their stolen property. A large number of previously held holocaust victims were now being held in “allied” concentration camps, with nowhere to put them. The English allowed a small number to go here and there, including to Israel despite local protests. Many more were smuggled there despite British obstruction. And, again, they came peacefully, living on private property justly acquired after arrival.

It is unfortunate that the Jews sought recognition of a state from the British and UN, but again, that was the status quo in history at the time and still today. And the Arabs-Muslims were also raising the issue with both parties anyway but simply weren’t happy with the result of this 3rd party arbitration. The Arabs-Muslims then attacked on the announcement of the “state” of Israel, initiated aggression across the entire area including land they previously sold voluntarily. And they then lost land. This is merely the taking of restitution for aggression and is justified to discourage and prevent further aggressions. This pattern has since continued because the Arabs-Muslims have been unable to sit down and negotiate with any sense of reality but instead fantasize of total victory or death. And they just keep getting the latter.

It is fine to take a few quotes and incidents out of context and play around with facts to portray the aggressor as a victim just because they lost, are now the weaker side, etc. And it is fine to call for total victory when it is possible and when you don’t have a large “civilian” population going up against a superior and more motivated enemy with the moral high ground. Privatize Israel, sure. Cut off Amerikan funding to BOTH sides and the entire region-world. Absolutely. But this would clearly bring about an acceleration of the Arabs-Muslims selling off and moving out via gentrification.

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