Love Yourself And Live Your Life

Live Your Life Live It How You Want To.
Get Out And Experience New Things. It’s A Big World Out There.
Close Your Eyes And Dream. Then Act Upon Them To Make Them Reality.
Wake Up To Life And The Beauty Around You.
Trust Your Gut Feeling And Your Intuition.
Get To Know Your Potential And Yourself Before You Make Promises To Somebody Else.
Make As Many Mistakes As Possible, So You Know Know How To Choose And You Know What You Want.
Know When To Hold On And When To Let Go.

Love Hard And Often And Without Reservation.
Seek Knowledge.
Open Yourself To Every Possibility.
Keep Your Heart Open.
Keep Your Head High And Your Spirit Free.
Embrace Your Darkness Along With Your Light.
It’s Okay To Be Wrong Every Once In A While, But Don’t Be Afraid To Admit It.
Speak The Truth No Matter What.
Own Your Reality With Apology.
See The Goodness In The World.
Be Bold.
Be Fierce.
Be Grateful.
Be Wild.
Be Crazy.
Be Free.
Be Yourself.
Love Yourself
And Live Your Life!

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