Authority – “Do As We Say Or Be Kidnapped And Caged!”

In this video you will see interactions with human beings in costumes; also known as: Homeland Security, Federal Marshals, Police and Security Guards. These people will threaten you with kidnapping you and throwing you in a cage if you do not comply with their commands. Watch the video and listen to their threats and their claims that this idea which is known as “government,” owns things.


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One Response to Authority – “Do As We Say Or Be Kidnapped And Caged!”

  1. Wayne July 7, 2015 at 11:06 am #

    @45:29 “We’re doing what we’re supposed to do.” What a joke! You’re doing precisely what you’re NOT supposed to do, which is use coercion to enforce unjust laws. I can’t believe that such dumb people exist in the world. Natural law determines what “should” or “should not” be done, the latter being much more important, since nature doesn’t impose positive obligations upon us. Refrain from taking actions which cause harm to other individuals or their property. No other mandates need exist.

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