Freedom TV ep. 2 – The world of technology that we live in Government spying

In this broadcast we talk about the electronic age. The world of technology that we live in. Does it help us or does it harm us, or can it do both? If you remember the documentary: America Freedom to Fascism, they talk about money being digital and a chip implanted in us all.

However we all have plastic credit and debit cards, we do online banking and carry smart phones that can be traced/tracked/listened to and we post all our shit on the internet. The likes of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have leaked information in regards to what the government is doing and this information is being used to create data bases on us all. Other things that are discussed are jurisdiction, IRS, Taxes, Sherry Peel Jackson, Courts and their procedures, Marc Stevens, driving licenses, proving that you are a citizen, and more…

Freedom TV

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