Bernie Sanders entire campaign can be summarized as follows:

“It is wrong for billionaires to vote for politicians and contribute money to their campaign in the hope that once in office these politicians will use their power to transfer wealth from those who did not vote for the politician into the hands of those who did, unless of course that politician happens to be me.”

If it’s wrong for the rich to engage in rent-seeking behavior it is wrong for everyone. The way to minimize corruption and theft in politics is to respect property rights instead of giving the government authority to take other people’s property and give it to those they think are more deserving. If you support a politician taxing a group of people in order to give to another group of people you have no moral right to complain when they do so by taxing you in order to give to them. If you support stealing from the rich to give to the poor you have no right to complain when the rich act likewise and want the government to steal from the poor to give to them.
By Daniel Rothschild

Bernie Sanders for President 2016

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