Irony: Minarchists saying that voluntaryism is utopian

The best attempt at “limited government” ever, the U.S. Constitution, ended up creating the most powerful authoritarian empire the world has ever known, with the biggest extortion racket and the biggest war machine in history. Military bases all over the planet, bureaucratic offices all over the country, the tentacles of laws and regulations in every aspect of everyone’s lives, all as a result of a “limited,” democratically-elected constitutional republic, shows how insane it is to ever expect a ruling class to serve the people (which is akin to expecting a slave-owner to serve his slaves). In light of what “limited government” actually creates in the real world, to pretend that “government” could ever be the “servant” of the very people it violently robs and controls is beyond utopian. It’s delusional.

As a former “Constitutionalist” statist, I can say without question that those who still cling to that bogus notion do so for one reason: because they haven’t yet dared to examine their OWN paradigms and assumptions. If they ever do, they will find that the root of the problem–the belief in “authority”–still has a firm grip on their own minds. Ironically, when they say that an absence of a ruling class would just give rise to a new one, they are RIGHT… as long as people believe in the mythology of “government,” as all minarchists do. In other words, Mr. and Mrs. Minarchist, the REASON your dire predictions have some truth to them is because YOU still believe in the god called “government.” – by Larken Rose To find out more about Larken Rose visit Also check out his book The Most Dangerous Superstition available on his website or at Amazon.
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  1. Harry Skip Robinson January 13, 2016 at 7:13 pm #

    No society in the history of the world has ever been able to restrain government expansion. So much so that every single society has either imploded under it own debt or broke up by various factions trying to overthrow the existing system. Our own history involved the overthrow of the southern States after their legal secession by the Military who controlled the northern states. It required the Abrogation of the Constitution and Bill of rights by the ruling party to accomplish this feat. Additionally, thousands of Citizens in the North were killed by the military in their attempt to stop them from waging war against the States that had seceded. In hindsight it was a partial military Junta with the military in collusion with the Republican Party led by Lincoln. The gun won out over the pen in this period of our history and the majority paid the price as always.

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