On Israel

I have not commented on Israel for awhile (perhaps to avoid controversy?, just kidding). What are my thoughts on Israel?

Well in short, it’s foreign policy is better than the United States and it’s domestic policy in pretty much every other way is worse.
Out of all the violations of rights a state commits the draft is the worst. To force a man to kill others or be killed himself makes any pretense of the state being a defender of its citizens a cruel, sick joke. The draft says to a man, “Your life or your conscience?” and while all states are illegitimate, states with a draft are the most illegitimate of all. To force a man to die in battle, or is not be maimed, suffer from PTSD, or cause all these other horrible consequences onto others is a crime that is unforgivable.

The draft is equivalent to the state requiring someone to kill his children, rape someone or go to jail and anyone who supports the draft is not a defender of individual rights (in this instance). The draft is such an infringement of human rights that while I consider Ludwig von Mises a great economist, I do not consider him a libertarian. While we are all allowed brain farts, supporting a military draft is so obviously an infringement on individual rights (and the biggest of all), it’s hard to see how anyone seriously dedicated to protecting individual rights can support it.

On Israel Daniel Rothschild

On Israel Daniel Rothschild

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