Paris Attacks

What happened in Paris is sad and upsetting, but if you call American troops heroes for causing way more bloodshed and carnage than the attacks that happened in Paris you are a hypocrite.

The masses do not care about the innocent lives that were taken in Paris. They do not care because they do not think. The media reports and the masses like the sheep that they are responds. If the media were to celebrate the attack so would the masses. The masses celebrate violence and bloodshed and call those responsible for it heroes who without them civilization would perish.

If what happened in Paris were to be committed by American troops what would your response be? Where were the masses condemning the bombing of weddings in Pakistan committed by American troops? Where was the outrage when US soldiers bombed Doctors without Borders? Where’s the “we send out condolences” to all the innocent people kept and tortured in Guantanamo?

The answer to all these questions is simple: Those incidents were committed by our guys and while bad was just a mistake. That happens in war, so quit complaining and let’s finish that movie we started.
So please, do not be self-righteous hypocrites and pretend to care about the violence committed by Islamic terrorists groups, while ignoring (if not celebrating) the terrorism done by American soldiers. I’m not an idiot, I can see your fake tears and fake condolences from a mile away. You are full of shit, like you always are. The symbol of the United States flag should be a cow watching a train pass by because that’s the American public in a nutshell.

New American Flag Cow Watching A Train Pass

New American Flag Cow Watching A Train Pass

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  1. Deborah November 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

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