Open Letter to Donald Trump

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Dear Donald Trump,

I am writing in regard to some of the criticisms against you being offered up by the Republican oligarchy. I’d like to begin with the demands to publish your income tax returns. Let me start with the obvious. The socialistic demand for Americans to hand over such personal information to the government is obviously in violation of both the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution. Where is the probable cause that a crime was committed prior to these demands? Where are the individualized warrants? Is this information not used in prosecutions, therefore forcing us to self-incriminate? Obviously, the Republicans pose as being anti-IRS and income tax, until the socialist tyranny serves their purposes of power and ill-gotten wealth.

I would also like to briefly address their assertions that you support socialized medicine. I am not intimately familiar with your actual positions on this issue, or any other, but I did hear you in an interview advocate for removing government regulation prohibiting insurance companies from competing across state lines. This is clearly a capitalistic position which compares nicely to their previous support for mandates. Also, their duplicitous assertions that somehow the fascistic mandates were somehow different at the “state” level versus the “federal” level again exemplify their lack of consistent support for the free market. Somehow, fascism is fine and dandy in Massachusetts.

I’d also point out their zealous advocacy of expanding government power after it’s failure to prevent the 9.11 attacks. They immediately swarmed on the state licensed, regulated, and taxed media, all of which clearly violates the 1st Amendment, to rant about how we all have to give up our freedom against searches without probable cause or warrant as well as our freedom to travel and make a living. Never did they say a word about the 4th Amendment or simply privatizing airport and airline security, which should of course be the responsibility of private business anyway. Meanwhile, they gave fascistic immunity to the airlines against lawsuits for their gross negligence. Surely it is not necessary to review all the information we have about the utter incompetence of the TSA to provide effective security while it molests the American people in mass.

I could go on for many pages describing all the fascistic and socialistic violations of the constitution and free market that the Republicans regularly support, like mass warrantless spying for instance. But, I will close by simply saying, for the record, I am not a Trump supporter. I do not believe the voting system is anything but a dog and pony show intended to bamboozle the tax-slaves into believing they have “freedom.” The oligarchy selects the front-man. Nevertheless, I like how much they despise you and hope they don’t decide to simply murder you.


Chris LeRoux
St. Petersburg, Florida

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  1. s July 7, 2016 at 9:19 pm #

    we can hope a man who wrote “the art of the deal” can help bring about better ‘deals’ w/ foreign powers. ” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”…well at least Donald isn’t a career politician if you really want change and / or something different in way past time to take a chance and vote for a D.C. outsider

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