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Larken Rose wrote:

“So a bunch of people who were coming to the U.S., openly and “legally,” are being detained, thanks to Fuhrer Trump’s “Executive Order” which “temporarily” bans Muslims coming in. If anyone pretends to be pro-freedom while cheering for that, you’re just an idiot.

1) It is a violation of religious freedom (a la the First Amendment) to kidnap people based on who they worship. If he signed an Executive Order keeping all atheists out, how would you be with that?

2) It is a violation of due process (a la the Fifth and Sixth Amendments) since it amounts to arresting and detaining people for doing something which is 100% “legal.”

3) It violates the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

4) It violates the concept of separation of powers, as “Executive Orders” usually do, since it’s basically a unilateral, dictatorial decree.

5) It was intended to cause division, stress and hatred, on both sides, a la the “divide and conquer” tactics that tyrants always use.

6) The notion that it would keep actual terrorists out is just stupid.

7) Any person cheering for this now has NO basis to complain if the feds later: a) forcibly confiscate his guns based on a suspicion that he MIGHT do something bad with them; b) randomly seize and search his stuff, based on a suspicious that he MIGHT be doing something nasty; c) torture and force him to testify against himself, based on a suspicion that he MIGHT be hiding something; d) indefinitely detain him without trial, based on a suspicion that he MIGHT be an enemy of the state.

Cheering for this sort of precedent, while claiming to be pro-freedom, makes you a fucking moron, and scared little fascist. And chances are quite high, if you call yourself an “anarchist” while cheering for Fuhrer Trump, that these exact things will be used against YOU soon enough. And you will fucking deserve it.” – Larken Rose
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