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Adam Kokesh Taken Into Federal Custody

It comes as no surprise that an attempt would be made to arrest Adam Kokesh before July fourth. If you haven’t been paying attention, Adam speaks his mind and does not appreciate a government that tries to claim that they defend freedom, while simultaneously removing it. He pulls no punches when telling it how it […]

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On Cloward and Piven, and OWS

Why was the work of Cloward and Piven such a smashing success? How is it possible that 40 + years later a political philosophy could still be adhered to after causing massive social, economical, and social turmoil? Even worse – how can It be receiving as much endorsement as it has been consistently getting? The […]

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Shotgun Wedding

It was an odd relationship – growing up with her I mean. I was a teen and she was far older than me. As I grew I would learn more and more about her from various sources – and our lives inevitably became intertwined. In my later teenage years I grew closer to her – […]

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QE3 And The New Egan-Jones Downgrade to AA-

Back before QE2 was announced I predicted that not only would QE2 go through, but that it would be followed by many more rounds of ‘help from uncle Ben’. In many previous articles I also wrote how damaging QE2 would be – in increasing of debt, higher prices, and a continuation of market instability. All […]

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The Trouble in Libya

Not too long ago in Libya the country was in major turmoil (more than usual I mean). There was a massive stand against the dictator Gadhafi . A quick recap – we put him there. Anyway, the public turned against him and things eventually got violent. On the request of the UN, the POTUS decided […]

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To Defend Freedom – Part 2: Mental Preparedness

This is the last essay in regards to preparation for being attacked that does not directly relate to action. Most readers are peace loving people, and as such never give much thought to the realities involved in an actual, large scale defensive situation. The reality is that the situation will suddenly become less than ideal, and the […]

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The Epic Joke of Civilization

The price of a society being created seems to be the complacency of its members. The larger the society and the more ‘civilized’ it grows, the more complacent the majority of that society may become. It is much the same way for a movement trying to further an ideal. Every individual out there has their […]

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