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Voluntaryism as an Ethical Adoption

Voluntaryism as an Ethical Adoption My goal with this writing is simple: I want to convince you that libertarian Voluntaryism, as a belief set for positive ethical adoption, is the best way to approach the background theory for consensual libertarian ethics. When I say “positive ethical adoption,” I mean that Voluntaryism is a belief set, […]

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A New Framework - The Not For Profit Government

From Tyranny to Liberty – How Turning Government Into a “Not-For-Profit” Is a Practical Step Toward Voluntary Living

From Tyranny to Liberty – How Turning Government Into a “Not-For-Profit” Is a Practical Step Toward Voluntary Living   The forefathers of modern libertarian thought, from Lysander Spooner to Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, have set forth excellent principles on which to found an individualist code of ethics. Liberty and libertarianism have  begun to take roots in mainstream academia. Scholarship at and provide great resources on philosophy and […]

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A Christian woman is martyred in this re-enactment of the myth of Dirce.

Toward Defining Government

INTRODUCTION One of my favorite questions to ask those adamant about calling government “God’s Authority” is “What defines legitimate government?” It’s when I ask that question that I receive so many different answers it almost sends a Chris Matthews’ shiver up my leg. I cannot tell you how many people’s worlds I have rocked by […]

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Tower of Babel

God Hates Government And So Should You! Part 1

(Re-posted from here.) My thesis is that human government, by and large as described in the Bible, has been shown to be a consistent failure in terms of producing what is espouses to produce – a productive, healthy and moral people. In connection with this thesis, I will demonstrate the difference between God’s form of […]

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