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UK’s new ‘supercop’ creates more fear than protection

Just a week ago Bill Bratton was blocked from becoming UK’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner by Home Secretary Theresa May.  David Cameron was also condemned by The Association of Chief Police Officers for even considering a foreign person to head the British forces.  But after the increased incidences of growing riots throughout England, on August 13th […]

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The Extension of the Unpatriotic Act

Since 2001, the Patriot Act has accompanied the war on terrorism by infiltrating wiretaps across the borders and in our neighborhoods. 10 years later the American government order the operation that murdered the top most wanted terrorist through leaked information in extensive water boarding techniques in Guantanamo and through wiretapping suspected terrorist. Today, Obama and […]

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America’s Witch is Dead

As President Obama alerted the media of a message to the citizens of America that delayed for more then thirty minutes, speculation grew of a capture of Osama Bin Laden. Finally, the President revealed that Bin Laden had been killed. Almost immediately the streets of D.C. and New York City were filled of people chanting […]

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