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4th Amendment

Give them HELL Indiana!

As reported in my article The People in Indiana Drank the Kool-aid, Indiana’s Supreme Court recently made two important ruling in regards to police entry into homes but it seems not all of Indiana has been drinking the kool-aid. On May 25, hundreds of concerned citizens attended the “Stand Up for Your Fourth Amendment Rights” […]

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Raina Lorring gay ban article

TN bill outlaws the word “gay” in school

Once again the freedom that I  prize most is under attack. It’s not my state this time but since Texas has shown they are a big fan of copy and paste politics, I’m sure we’ll be seeing some form of this bill here soon. SB 49, a bill that will prohibit educators from discussing homosexuality in schools […]

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The people in Indiana drank the kool-aid

Recently the Indiana Supreme Court made two major rulings concerning police entry into private citizens’ homes. Both of these rulings have left me thankful that I don’t live in Indiana and asking just what the people who do are thinking. On Tuesday the court ruled that officers do not have to knock to serve a […]

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Cheering the death of the First Amendment?

“Thank God for dead soldiers.” We’re all aware of the controversial catch phrase spouted by members of Westboro Baptist church at the funeral of American soldiers. The media has recorded the public outcry well. First I’m Christian. (I’m also an Anarchist but that should be obvious.) I also have strong spiritual objections to disrespecting the […]

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