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A Note From the Editor

    People have recently expressed concerns regarding the Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Movement because there are occasionally slightly contradictory views expressed among our staff. We do not make any attempt to edit individual thought, the writers here express themselves honestly without fear of an editor sneaking in to change their statements. In a community that fosters […]

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Acts of Artistic Terrorism – Rebel Inc.

When a work of art pulls feelings and thoughts out of us that we couldn’t successfully express before, it is truly a self-revolutionary moment. It lends a hand in finding our own voices.  Sometimes we encounter another person’s artistic expression and it seems to say exactly what we’ve been trying to find words for and suddenly, we know exactly how […]

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What Does NDAA REALLY Say?

  There is much discussion happening on and off the internet concerning the National Defense Authorization Act, everywhere I look people are panicking about this “new” legislation. The National Defense Authorization Act has been in use for nearly fifty years to detail budgets and expenditures for the US Department of Defense. This is not new.    As nearly […]

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Liberty Web Alliance Site Outages

   As many people are aware, this website originates where many other liberty-oriented websites originate, from within the Liberty Web Alliance.  Rather than reading a restating of what our friends at Cop Block had to say, please see their post on the subject. If you are interested in helping the LWA upgrade to stop this situation and […]

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National Chalk the Police Day

If you’ve ever been irritated with the police, the laws, the enforcement of laws, etc. and just wished you could rent a billboard or write your message on a wall somewhere, here is your chance. October 1, 2011 is National Chalk the Police Day, see for further information. Chalk the Police events are springing […]

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