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Mad As Hell by Aaron Russo – WAKE UP AMERICA!

Posted  by James Cox In this video Russo talks about the corruption of politics and how America is a Republic not a Democracy. He talks about how the rights of the individual are violated and  the abuse of governmental power.  Russo talks about how America was set up by the founding fathers with The Constitution […]

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Is Rand Relevant?

Visit The Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Movement Store Posted by James Cox In this video Yaron Brook (President of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights) discusses Ayn Rands recent surge in popularity, as well as how the philosophical ethics espoused in Atlas Shrugged hold the key to solving today’s economic crisis. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ […]

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“Live Free or Die!”

Visit The Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Store by Mike Poast These are very troubled times for our republic, very questionable times for the light of liberty.  It has always been the case, though.  As we have learned, by reading our founding thoughts, liberty is never more than one generation from destruction.  And it is today […]

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The Return of the God King

by Jessica Pacholski    The earliest civilizations on Earth were ruled by God-Kings – men singled out by the priest class as ordained, by whatever deity, to rule over the citizens.  Their word was law, and immutable law at that; religious despotism was the hallmark of the first city states and with this the first record […]

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Real ID: Connecting the Dots

by Donna Holt The desire by our federal government to implement a national tracking and ID system did not start with the REAL ID Act in 2005. Under the guise of security, it has been attempted numerous times in the past, even during Ronald Reagan’s administration. The Senate voted against a national ID card system […]

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Top Ten Reasons for Rejecting Dangerous ID

by Donna Holt 10. It will cost the states (i.e. the taxpayers) too much money! The “controlled debate” of Dangerous ID has largely been the cost of implementation. The National Governor’s Association, the National Conference of State Legislators, and the National Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators have all pitched into the public debate about how […]

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Common Sense Revisited

by James Cox for Corey Morrow There is a new freedom pamphlet sweeping across America. It has been featured by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, Restore the Republic and Republic Magazine, Freedom Law School, and many other liberty organizations. I am pleased to announce my support for this new pamphlet and wish to share it with you. In January 1776, it […]

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by Mara MacSeoinin, United Kingdom The Internet is often called the last bastion of free speech, a bulwark against an encroaching state which seeks to know everything, see everything and hear everything its citizens are thinking, doing and saying. Any entity which allows a private citizen to remain private is abhorrent to the Labour Government. […]

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The Politics of the Globalist Agenda

by Jim Anderson We must ask ourselves if we really are A Free Market System. The answer is clear we are not a free market system largely because; of the various laws we have in this country which is in line with Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. Of the 10 planks the three most visible […]

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There is a Need for a New World Order

by Jim Anderson We do need a New World Order; nobody should deny that after all that has been going on for the past 100 years certainly we need a real change and transformation in our society both nationally and globally. I have given it some thought and would like to share my ideas with […]

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