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Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care” Re-posted by Craig Pendleton By Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh Although American scientists, doctors, and businessmen have produced the most advanced medical technology in the world, American health care is in a state of crisis. Technologically, we are surrounded by medical marvels: New “clot buster” drugs enable patients to survive heart attacks that once […]

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Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio Reposted by Kevin Tutt by Kurt Nimmo Prison Planet June 28, 2009 HR 1966 has cleared the House and now faces the Senate as S.909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (officially, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act). The bill is expected to sail through the Senate as it did in […]

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Mises Introduces the Austrian School

href=”″> Reposted by Craig Pendleton By Mises Daily by Ludwig von Mises When I first came to the university, Carl Menger was nearing the end of his teaching career. There was little attention paid the Austrian School of economics at the university, and I had no interest in it at the time. Around Christmas, 1903, […]

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The Myth of Social Justice

by Jessica Pacholski Many people clamor for “social justice”, they want a turn of the tide against the evils that have haunted humanity through the ages. This is a term I have never understood, mostly because it’s an impossibility. Justice is only applicable to individuals, since it can only be just to punish someone for […]

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The Need to Excommunicate Bill Maher

by Todd Andrew Barnett Limousine left-wing socialist and Obama shill Bill Maher, who is also the host of the highly-rated show Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, went on a rant against Obama last Friday night, excoriating him for not “standing up to the energy companies and corporations” and for not socializing the health […]

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Health Care Socio-Fascism

by Todd Andrew Barnett Americans who support President Obama’s “health care reform” plan involving the creation of a new public “government” insurance plan that would require private companies except for small businesses to provide it ought to be a red flag. As problematic as the corporatized health care system is (and it is, due to […]

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by Todd Andrew Barnett Bureaucrash, which was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Al Rosenberg and the now-defunct Henry Hazlitt Foundation, has been funded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) (a long-time libertarian think tank), and was run by former Crasher-in-Chief Jason Talley (who runs the Motorhome Diaries with fellow CEI activist Pete Eyre), has been […]

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